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H A DMakefile19 libld \
28 ld: sgsmsg include libconv libelf libld
31 libld: sgsmsg libelf libconv liblddbg include target
H A DREADME.XLINK30 Notes On Cross Link-Editor Support in libld.so
40 The ld command is therefore a simple wrapper that uses libld.
46 target. It is not necessary to build libld specifically for the
61 There are two types of source files used to build libld.so:
112 undoubtedly the common code in libld.so as well.
156 libld.so uses this form to build non-native target
161 libld.so accesses via the ld_targ global variable.
166 usr/src/cmd/sgs/libld/common/_libld.h
188 platform must be added to libld.so. Examine the object lists
289 libld contains generic functions for byte swapping:
[all …]
H A Dlibld.intel.msg29 # Message file for cmd/sgs/libld - intel specific.
H A Dmapfile-vers25 # Generic interface definition for usr/src/cmd/sgs/libld.
H A Dlibld.sparc.msg29 # Message file for cmd/sgs/libld - sparc specific.
H A Dlibld.msg30 # Message file for cmd/sgs/libld.
H A DMakefile.com29 LIBRARY = libld.a
87 SRCDIR = $(SGSHOME)/libld
128 BLTMESG = $(SGSMSGDIR)/libld
136 SGSMSGCOM = $(SRCDIR)/common/libld.msg
137 SGSMSGSPARC = $(SRCDIR)/common/libld.sparc.msg
138 SGSMSGINTEL = $(SRCDIR)/common/libld.intel.msg
H A DMakefile30 include $(SGSHOME)/libld/Makefile.com
65 include $(SGSHOME)/libld/Makefile.targ
H A DMakefile.com91 LDLIBDIR = -L$(SGSHOME)/libld/$(MACH)
92 LDLIBDIR64 = -L$(SGSHOME)/libld/$(MACH64)
H A DMakefile44 libld \
93 MSGSUBDIRS= ld ldd libld liblddbg \
H A Dillumos_user.skipped_functions15 /* libld */
H A DMakefile.com41 POFILES= ld ldd libld liblddbg \
H A Dsgs.ident35 MSG_ID_LIBLD 3 SUNW_OST_SGS /* sgs/libld */
H A DMakefile76 LDLIB = -L ../../libld/$(MACH64)
H A DMakefile81 LDLIB = -L ../../libld/$(MACH64)
H A DMakefile.com99 LDLIB = -L ../../libld/$(MACH)
H A Dpackaging927 opt/onbld/lib/i386/64/libld.so i386
928 opt/onbld/lib/i386/64/libld.so.4 i386
933 opt/onbld/lib/sparc/64/libld.so sparc
934 opt/onbld/lib/sparc/64/libld.so.4 sparc
H A DSUNWonld-README456 4289232 some of warning/error/debugging messages from libld.so can be revised
897 5086352 libld.so.3 should be built with a .SUNW_ctf ELF section, ready for CR
1035 6273864 gcc and sgs/libld don't get along
1072 6310736 gcc and sgs/libld don't get along on SPARC
1246 6737579 process_req_lib() in libld consumes file descriptors
1635 1626 libld may accidentally return success while failing
1651 3999 libld extended section handling is broken
H A DREADME.mapfiles282 libld.so (usr/src/cmd/sgs/libld), which contains the implementation of the
H A Detc.scoped.in882 SCOPED_SYMBOL|SunOS_5.6|libld.so.1|_fini
883 SCOPED_SYMBOL|SunOS_5.6|libld.so.1|_init
884 SCOPED_SYMBOL|SunOS_5.6|libld.so.1|conv_reloc_type_str
885 SCOPED_SYMBOL|SunOS_5.6|libld.so.1|format
886 SCOPED_SYMBOL|SunOS_5.6|libld.so.1|list_append
H A Drtld.msg81 # do_reloc(), which is common code used by cmd/sgs/libld - make sure both
H A Dsystem-library.p5m155 file path=lib/$(ARCH64)/libld.so.4
308 file path=lib/libld.so.4