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H A D_endopen.c56 _endopen(const char *name, const char *type, FILE *iop, int largefile) in _endopen() argument
69 if (largefile) { in _endopen()
H A Dfopen.c55 _endopen(const char *file, const char *mode, FILE *iop, int largefile) in _endopen() argument
76 if (largefile) { in _endopen()
H A Dmapfile-vers59 # i386, sparc: SUNW_1.1 contains 5 largefile API routines, and everything
65 $if _ELF32 # largefile APIs
H A Dposix_aio.c341 __aio_suspend(void **list, int nent, const timespec_t *timo, int largefile) in __aio_suspend() argument
361 if (largefile) in __aio_suspend()
390 if (largefile) { in __aio_suspend()
443 kerr = (int)_kaio(largefile? AIOSUSPEND64 : AIOSUSPEND, in __aio_suspend()
500 if (largefile) { in __aio_suspend()
563 kerr = (int)_kaio(largefile? AIOSUSPEND64 : AIOSUSPEND, in __aio_suspend()
H A Dmapfile-vers46 $if _ELF32 # largefile interfaces for 32-bit applications
H A Dmapfile-vers101 $if _ELF32 # largefile APIs
110 $if _ELF32 # largefile APIs
H A DMakefile70 largefile.5 \
H A Dsystem-library.man5.inc35 file path=usr/share/man/man5/largefile.5
H A Dlib704 tst no64 -D_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE note{ largefile 64 broken }end execute{
H A Dmapfile-vers63 # - lf64: Defined on platforms that offer the 32-bit largefile APIs