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H A Dstage1.h46 #define STAGE1_STAGE2_ADDRESS 0x42 macro
H A Dinstallgrub.h84 #define STAGE1_STAGE2_ADDRESS (0x42) macro
H A Dinstallgrub.c1201 *((ushort_t *)(install->stage1_buf + STAGE1_STAGE2_ADDRESS)) in prepare_stage1()
H A Dbuiltins.c2478 *((unsigned short *) (stage1_buffer + STAGE1_STAGE2_ADDRESS)) in install_func()
H A DChangeLog5011 (STAGE1_STAGE2_ADDRESS): Set to 0x42.
6668 (STAGE1_STAGE2_ADDRESS): 0x44 -> 0x45.
6697 (STAGE1_STAGE2_ADDRESS): Likewise.