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H A Dpci_fbuf.c237 EPRINTLN("pci_fbuf: munmap_memseg failed"); in pci_fbuf_baraddr()
242 EPRINTLN("pci_fbuf: mmap_memseg failed"); in pci_fbuf_baraddr()
269 EPRINTLN("fbuf: Invalid IPv6 address: \"%s\"", in pci_fbuf_parse_config()
278 EPRINTLN( in pci_fbuf_parse_config()
285 EPRINTLN("fbuf: Invalid IPv6 address: \"%s\"", in pci_fbuf_parse_config()
297 EPRINTLN( in pci_fbuf_parse_config()
322 EPRINTLN("fbuf: Invalid vga setting: \"%s\"", value); in pci_fbuf_parse_config()
331 EPRINTLN("fbuf: width %d too large", sc->memregs.width); in pci_fbuf_parse_config()
342 EPRINTLN("fbuf: height %d too large", in pci_fbuf_parse_config()
391 EPRINTLN("Only one frame buffer device is allowed."); in pci_fbuf_init()
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H A Dvirtio.c302 EPRINTLN( in vq_getchain()
321 EPRINTLN( in vq_getchain()
333 EPRINTLN( in vq_getchain()
341 EPRINTLN( in vq_getchain()
386 EPRINTLN( in vq_getchain()
619 EPRINTLN( in vi_pci_read()
623 EPRINTLN( in vi_pci_read()
740 EPRINTLN( in vi_pci_write()
748 EPRINTLN( in vi_pci_write()
787 EPRINTLN( in vi_pci_write()
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H A Dpci_virtio_9p.c219 EPRINTLN("virtio-9p: allocation failure: %s", in pci_vt9p_notify()
252 EPRINTLN( in pci_vt9p_legacy_config()
298 EPRINTLN("virtio-9p: path required"); in pci_vt9p_init()
303 EPRINTLN("virtio-9p: failed to open '%s': %s", value, in pci_vt9p_init()
310 EPRINTLN("virtio-9p: share name required"); in pci_vt9p_init()
314 EPRINTLN("virtio-9p: share name too long"); in pci_vt9p_init()
324 EPRINTLN("virtio-9p: soft state allocation failure: %s", in pci_vt9p_init()
330 EPRINTLN("virtio-9p: vsc_config allocation failure: %s", in pci_vt9p_init()
H A Dpctestdev.c99 EPRINTLN("Only one pc-testdev device is allowed."); in pctestdev_init()
106 EPRINTLN("pc-testdev: Failed to obtain IOAPIC pin count."); in pctestdev_init()
112 EPRINTLN("pc-testdev: Unsupported IOAPIC pin count: %d.", in pctestdev_init()
H A Dbootrom.c225 EPRINTLN("Error opening bootrom \"%s\": %s", in bootrom_loadrom()
231 EPRINTLN("Could not fstat bootrom file \"%s\": %s", romfile, in bootrom_loadrom()
283 EPRINTLN("Incomplete read of page %d of bootrom " in bootrom_loadrom()
H A Dpci_lpc.c263 EPRINTLN("Unable to allocate resources for " in lpc_init()
276 EPRINTLN("Unable to initialize backend '%s' " in lpc_init()
472 EPRINTLN("Only one LPC bridge is allowed."); in pci_lpc_init()
482 EPRINTLN("LPC bridge can be present only on bus 0."); in pci_lpc_init()
H A Dpci_virtio_console.c297 EPRINTLN("vtcon: Invalid port %s", port_name); in pci_vtcon_sock_add()
304 EPRINTLN("vtcon: required path missing for port %ld", port); in pci_vtcon_sock_add()
374 EPRINTLN("vtcon: required name missing for port %ld", port); in pci_vtcon_sock_add()
675 EPRINTLN("vtcon: port %s requires a path", name); in pci_vtcon_legacy_config_port()
679 EPRINTLN("vtcon: too many ports"); in pci_vtcon_legacy_config_port()
768 EPRINTLN("cannot create port %s: %s", in pci_vtcon_init()
H A Dmptbl.c316 EPRINTLN("mptable requires mapped mem"); in mptable_build()
327 EPRINTLN("MPtable is incompatible with " in mptable_build()
329 EPRINTLN("MPtable generation can be disabled " in mptable_build()
H A Dpci_virtio_viona.c303 EPRINTLN("viona: bad control RX data"); in pci_viona_control_rx()
323 EPRINTLN("viona: unrecognised RX control cmd %u", in pci_viona_control_rx()
366 EPRINTLN("viona: bad control MAC data"); in pci_viona_control_mac()
399 EPRINTLN("viona: unrecognised MAC control cmd %u", in pci_viona_control_mac()
437 EPRINTLN("viona: bad control chain, len=%d, w=%d, r=%d", in pci_viona_control()
444 EPRINTLN("viona: control header too short: %u", iov[0].iov_len); in pci_viona_control()
466 EPRINTLN("viona: unrecognised control class %u, cmd %u", in pci_viona_control()
H A Dps2kbd.c287 EPRINTLN("Unhandled ps2 keyboard current " in ps2kbd_write()
332 EPRINTLN("Unhandled ps2 keyboard command " in ps2kbd_write()
377 EPRINTLN("Unhandled ps2 keyboard keysym 0x%x", keysym); in ps2kbd_keysym_queue()
H A Ddebug.h45 #define EPRINTLN(fmt, arg...) FPRINTLN(stderr, fmt, ##arg) macro
H A Dblock_if.c599 EPRINTLN("Invalid sector size \"%s\"", ssval); in blockif_open()
608 EPRINTLN("Invalid sector size \"%s\"", ssval); in blockif_open()
612 EPRINTLN("Invalid sector size \"%s\"", ssval); in blockif_open()
619 EPRINTLN("Missing \"path\" for block device."); in blockif_open()
763 EPRINTLN("Invalid sector size %d/%d", in blockif_open()
777 EPRINTLN("Sector size %d incompatible " in blockif_open()
844 EPRINTLN("blockif_resized: get mediasize failed: %s", in blockif_resized()
H A Dnet_utils.c60 EPRINTLN("Invalid MAC %s", mac_str); in net_parsemac()
H A Dpci_uart.c120 EPRINTLN("Unable to initialize backend '%s' for " in pci_uart_init()
H A Dxmsr.c260 EPRINTLN("Unknown cpu vendor \"%s\"", cpu_vendor); in init_msr()
H A Dps2mouse.c294 EPRINTLN("Unhandled ps2 mouse current " in ps2mouse_write()
363 EPRINTLN("Unhandled ps2 mouse command " in ps2mouse_write()
H A Dpci_nvme.c976 EPRINTLN("%s unknown AEN notice type %u", in pci_nvme_aen_process()
1012 EPRINTLN("%s unknown AEN type %u", __func__, atype); in pci_nvme_aen_process()
1125 EPRINTLN("%s: illegal ASQS value %#x (aqa=%#x)", __func__, in pci_nvme_init_controller()
1134 EPRINTLN("%s: ASQ vm_map_gpa(%lx) failed", __func__, in pci_nvme_init_controller()
1146 EPRINTLN("%s: illegal ACQS value %#x (aqa=%#x)", __func__, in pci_nvme_init_controller()
1155 EPRINTLN("%s: ACQ vm_map_gpa(%lx) failed", __func__, in pci_nvme_init_controller()
3196 EPRINTLN("nvme: Invalid qsz option %d", in pci_nvme_parse_config()
3205 EPRINTLN("Invalid ioslots option %d", sc->ioslots); in pci_nvme_parse_config()
3245 EPRINTLN("nvme: Unable to allocate RAM"); in pci_nvme_parse_config()
3253 EPRINTLN("nvme: Could not open backing file: %s", in pci_nvme_parse_config()
H A Dpci_emul.c217 EPRINTLN("Invalid PCI slot info field \"%s\"", aopt); in pci_parse_slot_usage()
308 EPRINTLN("pci slot %d:%d:%d: unknown device \"%s\"", bnum, snum, in pci_parse_slot()
317 EPRINTLN("pci slot %d:%d:%d already occupied!", bnum, snum, in pci_parse_slot()
1396 EPRINTLN("pci slot %d:%d:%d: missing " in init_pci()
1402 EPRINTLN("pci slot %d:%d:%d: unknown " in init_pci()
1408 EPRINTLN("pci slot %d:%d:%d: legacy " in init_pci()
H A Dsmbiostbl.c680 EPRINTLN("Invalid UUID"); in smbios_type1_initializer()
925 EPRINTLN("smbios table requires mapped mem"); in smbios_build()
H A Dpci_xhci.c2779 EPRINTLN( in pci_xhci_parse_devices()
2787 EPRINTLN("pci_xhci: invalid slot '%s'", name); in pci_xhci_parse_devices()
2792 EPRINTLN("pci_xhci: duplicate slot '%s'", name); in pci_xhci_parse_devices()
2799 EPRINTLN( in pci_xhci_parse_devices()
2807 EPRINTLN("pci_xhci: unknown device model \"%s\"", in pci_xhci_parse_devices()
H A Dtask_switch.c1002 EPRINTLN("Task switch to 16-bit TSS not supported"); in vmexit_task_switch()
H A Dpci_passthru.c684 EPRINTLN("passthru: invalid path \"%s\"", name); in passthru_legacy_config()
H A Dnet_backends.c1163 EPRINTLN("DLPI bounce buffer was too small! - needed %x bytes", in be_dlpi_peek_recvlen()
H A Dpci_ahci.c2385 EPRINTLN("Missing or invalid type for port %d: \"%s\"", in pci_ahci_legacy_config()