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H A Dopts.c150 err(EF_FILE|EF_JMP, "Illegal option: dash by itself"); in opts_parse()
154 err(EF_FILE|EF_JMP, "Illegal option: -%s", ptr); in opts_parse()
163 err(EF_FILE|EF_JMP, "Illegal option: %c", *ptr); in opts_parse()
168 err(EF_FILE|EF_JMP, in opts_parse()
174 err(EF_FILE|EF_JMP, in opts_parse()
187 err(EF_FILE|EF_JMP, in opts_parse()
327 err(EF_FILE|EF_JMP, in opts_parse_ctime()
348 err(EF_FILE|EF_JMP, in opts_parse_atopi()
383 err(EF_FILE|EF_JMP, in opts_parse_bytes()
431 err(EF_FILE|EF_JMP, in opts_parse_seconds()
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H A Dglob.c102 err(EF_FILE|EF_JMP, "Missing }"); in glob_debrace()
256 err(EF_FILE|EF_JMP, "regcmp failed on <%s>", sp); in glob_reglob()
H A Derr.h48 #define EF_FILE 0x02 /* prepend file:line from last err_fileline() call */ macro
H A Dconf.c163 err(EF_FILE|EF_JMP, "Unbalanced %c quote", *quote); in nexttok()
192 err(EF_WARN|EF_FILE, "file %s doesn't end with newline, " in conf_scan()
280 err(EF_FILE, "cannot process invalid entry %s", in conf_scan()
H A Derr.c97 if (flags & EF_FILE) { in err()
H A Dmain.c366 err(EF_FILE, "bailing out on logname \"%s\" " in main()