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H A DsymintOpen.c159 DEBUG_LOC("_symintOpen: top"); in _symintOpen()
178 DEBUG_LOC("_symintOpen: after call to getehdr"); in _symintOpen()
211 DEBUG_LOC("_symintOpen: after call to getdata (for header names)"); in _symintOpen()
255 DEBUG_LOC("_symintOpen: found symbol section"); in _symintOpen()
269 DEBUG_LOC("_symintOpen: found dynamic symbol section"); in _symintOpen()
278 DEBUG_LOC("_symintOpen: found dynamic symbol section"); in _symintOpen()
297 DEBUG_LOC("_symintOpen: after for loop that reads the sections"); in _symintOpen()
299 DEBUG_LOC("_symintOpen: before call to _symintLoad"); in _symintOpen()
304 DEBUG_LOC("_symintOpen: after call to _symintLoad"); in _symintOpen()
319 DEBUG_LOC("_symintOpen: bottom"); in _symintOpen()
H A DsymintClose.c66 DEBUG_LOC("_symintClose: top"); in _symintClose()
74 DEBUG_LOC("_symintClose: bottom"); in _symintClose()
H A Ddebug.h41 #define DEBUG_LOC(name) printf("Location: %s\n",name); fflush(stdout) macro
49 #define DEBUG_LOC(name) macro
H A DsymintLoad.c125 DEBUG_LOC("_symintLoad: top"); in _symintLoad()
187 DEBUG_LOC("_symintLoad: bottom"); in _symintLoad()
H A Dprof.c360 DEBUG_LOC("main: top"); in main()
448 DEBUG_LOC("main: following getopt"); in main()
472 DEBUG_LOC("main: before _symintOpen"); in main()
476 DEBUG_LOC("main: after _symintOpen"); in main()
H A Dpro_opaque.h114 #define DEBUG_LOC 11 macro
H A Dpro_section.c500 case DEBUG_LOC: in dwarf_transform_to_disk_form_a()