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H A Denum-bitwise-mixed.c15 BP = 0, enumerator
20 _Static_assert(sizeof(BP) == sizeof(int), "is bad?");
H A Dpiclfrutree.info137 NODE SAS-BP fru
163 name:/frutree/chassis/SAS-BP/HDD0
166 name:/frutree/chassis/SAS-BP/HDD1
169 name:/frutree/chassis/SAS-BP/HDD2
172 name:/frutree/chassis/SAS-BP/HDD3
H A Dsystem-board.info468 name:/frutree/chassis/SAS-BP/HDD0/disk
476 REFPROP _fru_parent name:/frutree/chassis/SAS-BP/HDD0/disk
479 REFPROP _fru_parent name:/frutree/chassis/SAS-BP/HDD0/disk
481 name:/frutree/chassis/SAS-BP/HDD1/disk
489 REFPROP _fru_parent name:/frutree/chassis/SAS-BP/HDD1/disk
492 REFPROP _fru_parent name:/frutree/chassis/SAS-BP/HDD1/disk
494 name:/frutree/chassis/SAS-BP/HDD2/disk
502 REFPROP _fru_parent name:/frutree/chassis/SAS-BP/HDD2/disk
505 REFPROP _fru_parent name:/frutree/chassis/SAS-BP/HDD2/disk
507 name:/frutree/chassis/SAS-BP/HDD3/disk
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H A Dpiclfrutree.info98 NODE SCSI-BP fru
125 name:/frutree/chassis/SCSI-BP/HDD0
127 name:/frutree/chassis/SCSI-BP/HDD1
H A Dsystem-board.info378 name:/frutree/chassis/SCSI-BP/HDD0/disk
386 REFPROP _fru_parent name:/frutree/chassis/SCSI-BP/HDD0/disk
389 REFPROP _fru_parent name:/frutree/chassis/SCSI-BP/HDD0/disk
391 name:/frutree/chassis/SCSI-BP/HDD1/disk
399 REFPROP _fru_parent name:/frutree/chassis/SCSI-BP/HDD1/disk
402 REFPROP _fru_parent name:/frutree/chassis/SCSI-BP/HDD1/disk
H A Dcompile-i386.c205 AX, DX, CX, BX, SI, DI, BP, SP, // 16-bit enumerator
232 REGINFO( BP, "%bp", EBP),
240 REGINFO(EBP, "%ebp", BP),
313 static struct regclass regclass_16 = { "16-bit", { AX, DX, CX, BX, SI, DI, BP }};
H A Dbtx.S319 push $0x3 # Int 0x3: #BP
H A DREADME157 have to edit docs/pictures. All the .BP calls will have to
H A DSB-tables.info462 * SCSI BP Info
H A Dpci.ids1147 ea50 cc10 RXi2-BP
1152 ea50 cc10 RXi2-BP
1157 ea50 cc10 RXi2-BP
16579 ea50 1c10 RXi2-BP
17184 ea50 cc10 RXi2-BP
22260 2f00 USR5660A (USR265660A, USR5660A-BP) 56K PCI Faxmodem
23073 00f5 NT4E2-4T-BP Network Adapter 4x1Gb with Electrical Bypass
28590 ea50 cc10 RXi2-BP
H A Dusb.ids13240 8007 Blackhawk USB560-BP JTAG Emulator
H A Dwords2964 BP
H A Dlist2963 BP