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H A Dprojectquota_009_pos.ksh65 -o projectobjquota@$PRJID2=$PQUOTA_OBJLIMIT $TESTPOOL/fs
68 log_must eval "zfs list -r -o projectquota@$PRJID1,projectobjquota@$PRJID2 \
72 log_must check_quota "projectobjquota@$PRJID2" $TESTPOOL/fs@snap \
78 -o projectobjquota@$PRJID2=$PQUOTA_OBJLIMIT \
81 log_must eval "zfs list -r -o projectquota@$PRJID1,projectobjquota@$PRJID2 \
85 log_must check_quota "projectobjquota@$PRJID2" $TESTPOOL/fs-clone \
88 log_must eval "zfs list -o projectquota@$PRJID1,projectobjquota@$PRJID2 \
98 log_must check_quota "projectobjquota@$PRJID2" $TESTPOOL/fs-clone \
108 log_must check_quota "projectobjquota@$PRJID2" $TESTPOOL/fs-rev \
118 log_must check_quota "projectobjquota@$PRJID2" $TESTPOOL/fs-rename \
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H A Dprojectquota_008_pos.ksh67 log_must zfs set projectobjquota@$PRJID2=$PQUOTA_OBJLIMIT $QFS
68 log_must check_quota "projectobjquota@$PRJID2" $QFS "$PQUOTA_OBJLIMIT"
74 log_must check_quota "projectobjquota@$PRJID2" $snap_fs "$PQUOTA_OBJLIMIT"
78 log_mustnot zfs set projectobjquota@$PRJID2=100 $snap_fs
82 log_must zfs set projectobjquota@$PRJID2=50 $QFS
85 log_must check_quota "projectobjquota@$PRJID2" $QFS 50
89 log_must check_quota "projectobjquota@$PRJID2" $snap_fs "$PQUOTA_OBJLIMIT"
H A Dprojecttree_001_pos.ksh81 log_must zfs project -p $PRJID2 $PRJDIR/a3
82 log_must eval "lsattr -p $PRJDIR/a3 | grep $PRJID2 | grep -v '\-P[- ]* '"
87 log_must zfs project -p $PRJID2 $PRJDIR/a1
88 log_must eval "lsattr -pd $PRJDIR/a1 | grep $PRJID2 | grep -v '\-P[- ]* '"
99 log_must zfs project -s -p $PRJID2 $PRJDIR/a2
100 log_must eval "lsattr -pd $PRJDIR/a2 | grep $PRJID2 | grep '\-P[- ]* '"
106 log_must eval "lsattr -pd $PRJDIR/a2 | grep $PRJID2 | grep -v '\-P[- ]* '"
H A Dprojectquota_002_pos.ksh70 -O projectobjquota@$PRJID2=$PQUOTA_OBJLIMIT $TESTPOOL1 $pool_vdev
73 -o projectobjquota@$PRJID2=$PQUOTA_OBJLIMIT $TESTPOOL1/fs
75 log_must eval "zfs list -r -o projectquota@$PRJID1,projectobjquota@$PRJID2 \
79 log_must check_quota "projectobjquota@$PRJID2" $TESTPOOL1 "$PQUOTA_OBJLIMIT"
81 log_must eval "zfs list -r -o projectquota@$PRJID1,projectobjquota@$PRJID2 \
85 log_must check_quota "projectobjquota@$PRJID2" $TESTPOOL1/fs "$PQUOTA_OBJLIMIT"
H A Dprojecttree_002_pos.ksh88 log_must zfs project -p $PRJID2 $PRJDIR/a1/a2/a3
89 log_must eval "zfs project -d $PRJDIR/a1/a2/a3 | grep $PRJID2"
95 log_must zfs project -s -r -p $PRJID2 $PRJDIR/a1/a2
98 log_must eval "zfs project $PRJDIR/a1/a2/a3/c4 | grep $PRJID2"
102 log_must eval "zfs project $PRJDIR/a1/a2/a3/c4 | grep $PRJID2 | grep -v not"
113 "zfs project -cr -0 $PRJDIR/a1/a2 | xargs -0 zfs project -s -p $PRJID2"
118 log_must eval "zfs project -d $PRJDIR/a1/a2/b3 | grep '$PRJID2 \- '"
H A Dprojectspace_003_pos.ksh67 log_must zfs project -s -p $PRJID2 $PRJDIR2
88 prjused=$(project_obj_count $fs $PRJID2)
90 log_fail "($PRJID2) expected $prj_cnt2, got $prjused"
95 log_must zfs project -s -p $PRJID2 $PRJDIR1/qf*
106 prjused=$(project_obj_count $QFS $PRJID2)
108 log_fail "($PRJID2) expected $((prj_cnt1 + prj_cnt2 - 1)), got $prjused"
H A Dprojectquota_003_pos.ksh76 typeset project_obj_used=$(get_value "projectobjused@$PRJID2" $QFS)
87 log_must zfs project -s -p $PRJID2 $PRJDIR
91 project_obj_used=$(get_value "projectobjused@$PRJID2" $QFS)
94 log_note "project $PRJID2 used is $project_obj_used"
95 log_fail "projectobjused for project $PRJID2 expected to be less than" \
H A Dprojectquota_001_pos.ksh72 log_note "Check the projectobjquota@$PRJID2"
76 log_must zfs project -s -p $PRJID2 $PRJDIR
78 log_must zfs set projectobjquota@$PRJID2=$PQUOTA_OBJLIMIT $QFS
87 log_mustnot user_run $PUSER zfs project -s -p $PRJID2 $PRJFILE
H A Dprojectid_002_pos.ksh70 log_must zfs project -s -p $PRJID2 $PRJDIR2
81 log_must eval "zfs project $PRJDIR2/tfile2 | grep $PRJID2"
85 log_must eval "zfs project -d $PRJDIR2/dir | grep $PRJID2"
H A Dprojectquota_004_neg.ksh82 log_mustnot zfs set projectobjquota@$PRJID2=100msfsd $QFS
85 log_mustnot zfs set projectobjquota@$PRJID2=100m $snap_fs
H A Dprojectquota_common.kshlib44 log_must zfs set projectquota@$PRJID2=none $QFS
45 log_must zfs set projectobjquota@$PRJID2=none $QFS
H A Dprojectquota_007_pos.ksh53 log_must zfs set projectobjquota@$PRJID2=100 $QFS
H A Dprojectquota.cfg35 export PRJID2=1002