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H A Dnfs-server135 FMRI=$2
137 file=`fmri_to_file $FMRI $IPF_SUFFIX`
138 file6=`fmri_to_file $FMRI $IPF6_SUFFIX`
139 echo "# $FMRI" >$file
140 echo "# $FMRI" >$file6
146 if [ "$FMRI" = "$NFS_FMRI" ]; then
147 service_check_state $FMRI $SMF_ONLINE
181 generate_rules $FMRI $policy "tcp" \
188 generate_rules $FMRI $policy "tcp" \
198 generate_rules $FMRI $policy "udp" \
[all …]
H A Dsvc-smbd35 FMRI=$1
36 file=`fmri_to_file $FMRI $IPF_SUFFIX`
37 file6=`fmri_to_file $FMRI $IPF6_SUFFIX`
38 policy=`get_policy ${FMRI}`
44 echo "# $FMRI" >$file
45 echo "# $FMRI" >$file6
51 generate_rules $FMRI $policy "tcp" $port $file
52 generate_rules $FMRI $policy "tcp" $port $file6 _6
53 generate_rules $FMRI $policy "udp" $port $file
54 generate_rules $FMRI $policy "udp" $port $file6 _6
H A Dsshd52 FMRI=$1
53 ipf_file=`fmri_to_file ${FMRI} $IPF_SUFFIX`
54 ipf6_file=`fmri_to_file ${FMRI} $IPF6_SUFFIX`
55 policy=`get_policy ${FMRI}`
63 echo "# $FMRI" >$ipf_file
64 echo "# $FMRI" >$ipf6_file
66 generate_rules $FMRI $policy "tcp" $port $ipf_file
67 generate_rules $FMRI $policy "tcp" $port $ipf6_file _6
H A Dsvc-route37 FMRI=$1
38 file=`fmri_to_file ${FMRI} $IPF_SUFFIX`
43 echo "# $FMRI" >$file
49 policy=`get_policy $FMRI`
50 iana_name=`svcprop -p $FW_CONTEXT_PG/name ${FMRI} 2>/dev/null`
56 generate_rules $FMRI $policy "tcp" $tport $file
60 generate_rules $FMRI $policy "udp" $uport $file
H A Dsvc-tnd31 FMRI=svc:/network/tnd
35 val=`svcprop -p tnd/debug_level $FMRI`
38 val=`svcprop -p tnd/debug_file $FMRI`
42 val=`svcprop -p tnd/poll_interval $FMRI`
H A Dyp.sh34 FMRI=$1
35 file=`fmri_to_file $FMRI $IPF_SUFFIX`
36 file6=`fmri_to_file $FMRI $IPF6_SUFFIX`
37 iana_name=`svcprop -p $FW_CONTEXT_PG/name $FMRI`
53 echo "# $FMRI" >$file
54 echo "# $FMRI" >$file6
H A Dprint-svc121 FMRI=$2
124 policy=`get_policy $FMRI`
136 generate_rules $FMRI $policy $rfc_proto $rfc_port $file
137 generate_rules $FMRI $policy $rfc_proto $rfc_port $file6 _6
H A Dsvc-rdisc35 FMRI=$1
36 file=`fmri_to_file $FMRI $IPF_SUFFIX`
40 echo "# $FMRI" >$file
H A Dprocess_msg_template.sh62 cat $tmpfile2 | sed s/\%\<FMRI\>/svc\:\\/\%\<attr.svc.svc-name\>\:\%\<attr.svc.svc-instance\>/g > $…
H A DSUN-FM-MIB.mib186 "The Sun FMRI of the Fault Manager diagnosis engine that
299 "Sun FMRI of the Automated System Reconfiguration Unit (ASRU)
308 "Sun FMRI of the Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) that should be
317 "Sun FMRI of the resource responsible for the generation of
461 "Sun FMRI of the Automated System Reconfiguration Unit (ASRU)
H A DSUN-IREPORT-MIB.mib65 "Represents the FMRI of an SMF service"
139 "FMRI of the SMF service asssociated with this event"
H A Dgcpu_amd.esc42 * syndrome and syndrome-type, and usually also a resource FMRI to identify
43 * the affected resource. In the AMD case a resource FMRI is included for
46 * on a NorthBridge node. The resource FMRI has form
H A Dtopo_parse.h142 #define FMRI "fmri" macro
H A Dtopo_2xml.c220 FMRI, Value, fmristr, NULL); in txml_print_prop()
H A Dtopo_xml.c185 } else if (xmlStrcmp(str, (xmlChar *)FMRI) == 0) { in xmlattr_to_type()
H A DREADME.pkg395 Note that in all cases the package FMRI is updated to the obsoletion
418 Every package must have an FMRI. That is the package's
H A Dkclient.sh1089 printf "$(gettext "%s property not set to 'true' for the %s FMRI").\n" $ddnsProp $smbFMRI
H A Dpriv_defs43 Allows a process to set the service FMRI value of a process
H A DREADME61 ENM include an FMRI or Start and Stop exec strings, an optional environment
H A Dlibtest.shlib1118 log_note "Current NFS status: '$(svcs -Ho STA,FMRI $nfs_fmri)'"