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H A Drun.c56 NODE *winner = NULL; variable
H A Ddnode.c1377 dnode_children_t *winner; in dnode_hold_impl() local
H A Dzap.c485 zap_leaf_t *winner = dmu_buf_set_user(db, &l->l_dbu); in zap_open_leaf() local
H A Ddsl_dir.c182 dsl_dir_t *winner; in dsl_dir_hold_obj() local
H A Dsa.c1384 sa_handle_t *winner = NULL; in sa_handle_get_from_db() local
H A Dzap_micro.c379 zap_t *winner; in mzap_open() local
H A Ddsl_dataset.c456 dsl_dataset_t *winner = NULL; in dsl_dataset_hold_obj() local
H A Drun.c72 Node *winner = NULL; /* root of parse tree */ variable