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H A Dterm.c256 size_t vis; /* Visual position of the current character. */ in term_fill() local
353 size_t vis; /* Visual position of the current character. */ in term_field() local
H A Dsyms.c374 uchar_t vis; in ld_sym_enter() local
1112 uchar_t vis; in sym_cap_vis() local
1398 uchar_t vis; in ld_sym_validate() local
H A Dlibs.c549 uchar_t vis; in ar_extract_bysym() local
H A Dresolve.c1089 Half vis = 0, nfile = ifl->ifl_ehdr->e_type; local
H A Dsymbols.c48 uchar_t vis = ELF_ST_VISIBILITY(other); in conv_sym_other() local
H A Dnfs4_srv_ns.c258 tree_find_child_by_vis(treenode_t *t, exp_visible_t *vis) in tree_find_child_by_vis()
H A Dac.c449 int vis; in ac_open() local
H A Dsym.c983 uchar_t vis, old_vis; in cmd_body_set_st_visibility() local
H A Dctf_create.c2190 ctf_set_root(ctf_file_t *fp, ctf_id_t id, const boolean_t vis) in ctf_set_root()
H A Danalyze.c3173 uchar_t rtype = slp->sl_rtype, vis; in lookup_sym() local
H A Dctf_dwarf.c816 Dwarf_Signed vis; in ctf_dwarf_isglobal() local
H A Dsvcs.c2214 uint8_t vis; in print_application_properties() local
H A Dscf_tmpl.c7005 scf_tmpl_visibility_to_string(uint8_t vis) in scf_tmpl_visibility_to_string()