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H A Dutmpx.h67 struct utmpx { struct
68 char ut_user[32]; /* user login name */
69 char ut_id[4]; /* inittab id */
70 char ut_line[32]; /* device name (console, lnxx) */
71 pid_t ut_pid; /* process id */
72 short ut_type; /* type of entry */
74 struct exit_status ut_exit; /* process termination/exit status */
76 struct ut_exit_status ut_exit; /* process termination/exit status */
78 struct timeval ut_tv; /* time entry was made */
79 int ut_session; /* session ID, used for windowing */
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H A Dgetutx.c274 struct utmpx *utmpx; in getutent() local
389 struct utmpx utmpx; in getutid() local
452 struct utmpx utmpx; in getutline() local
704 struct utmpx utmpx; in pututline() local
892 struct utmpx utmpx; in updwtmp() local
960 struct utmpx utmpx; in modut() local
1242 struct utmpx utmpx; in makeut() local
H A Dclosewtmp.c44 struct utmpx *utmpx; in main() local
H A Dutmp2wtmp.c47 struct utmpx *utmpx; in main() local
H A Dusers.c35 struct utmpx *utmpx; in main() local
H A Dnotifyu.c54 struct utmpx utmpx, *putmpx = &utmpx; in notify() local
H A Dtmutmp.c61 struct utmpx utmpx; /* prototype utmpx entry */ in account() local
H A Dcheck.c74 struct utmpx utmpx; in rckrunlevel() local
H A Din.rwhod.c359 struct utmpx *utmpx; variable
484 struct utmpx *utmpx, utmpx_id; in getkmem() local
H A Dsac.c537 struct utmpx utmpx; /* prototype utmpx entry */ in account() local
H A Dcheck.c295 struct utmpx utmpx; in ckrunlevel() local
H A Dutmpd.c550 struct utmpx *utmpx; in scan_utmps() local
H A Dshutdown.c102 struct utmpx *utmpx; variable
H A Drstat_proc.c178 struct utmpx *utmpx, utmpx_id; in stat_init() local
H A Dlogin.c2018 struct utmpx utmpx; in update_utmpx_entry() local
H A Dfind.c1587 struct utmpx utmpx; variable
H A Dsys-solaris.c2815 static struct utmpx utmpx; local
H A Dtar.c6230 struct utmpx utmpx; variable