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H A Dusers.h62 char **users[PRI_MAX - PRI_MIN + 1]; member
H A Dlpusers.c60 char *userlist = 0, *user, **users, *p; in main() local
H A Dstorage.h34 struct storage_ptr_list *users; member
H A Dlinearize.h37 struct pseudo_user_list *users; member
H A Dgetprojent.c76 ns_ldap_attr_t *users, *groups; in _nss_ldap_proj2str() local
H A DValid.java316 public static boolean users(String[] u) in users() method in Valid
H A Ddirectory_client.c136 directory_entry_rpc *users; in directory_get_v() local
H A Dgetprojent.c382 char *users, *groups; in str2project() local
H A Drusers.c65 utmp_array users; member
H A Dufs_acl.h79 ufs_ic_acl_t *users; /* list of users */ member
H A Drcm_impl.h169 client_t *users; /* linked list of users */ member
H A Dlpstat.c787 static char **users = NULL; variable
H A Dprstat.c162 static list_t users; /* list of users */ variable
H A Dirpmarshall.c2034 char **hosts, **users, **domains; in main() local
H A Dsyslogd.c3068 char users[1024]; in dumpstats() local