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H A Duberblock_impl.h53 #define MMP_VALID(ubp) (ubp->ub_magic == UBERBLOCK_MAGIC && \ argument
55 #define MMP_INTERVAL_VALID(ubp) (MMP_VALID(ubp) && (ubp->ub_mmp_config & \ argument
57 #define MMP_SEQ_VALID(ubp) (MMP_VALID(ubp) && (ubp->ub_mmp_config & \ argument
59 #define MMP_FAIL_INT_VALID(ubp) (MMP_VALID(ubp) && (ubp->ub_mmp_config & \ argument
62 #define MMP_INTERVAL(ubp) ((ubp->ub_mmp_config & 0x00000000FFFFFF00) \ argument
64 #define MMP_SEQ(ubp) ((ubp->ub_mmp_config & 0x0000FFFF00000000) \ argument
66 #define MMP_FAIL_INT(ubp) ((ubp->ub_mmp_config & 0xFFFF000000000000) \ argument
H A Dstatvfs.c80 cstatvfs32(struct vfs *vfsp, struct statvfs32 *ubp) in cstatvfs32()
143 cstatvfs64(struct vfs *vfsp, struct statvfs64 *ubp) in cstatvfs64()
260 cstatvfs64_32(struct vfs *vfsp, struct statvfs64_32 *ubp) in cstatvfs64_32()
H A Dstat.c194 cstat(vnode_t *vp, struct stat *ubp, int flag, cred_t *cr) in cstat()
324 cstat32(vnode_t *vp, struct stat32 *ubp, int flag, struct cred *cr) in cstat32()
451 cstat64(vnode_t *vp, struct stat64 *ubp, int flag, cred_t *cr) in cstat64()
562 cstat64_32(vnode_t *vp, struct stat64_32 *ubp, int flag, cred_t *cr) in cstat64_32()
H A Dfake_stat.c62 fake_stat(vnode_t *vp, struct stat64 *ubp, int flag) in fake_stat()
H A Demlxs_els.c1092 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in emlxs_handle_unsol_rscn() local
1243 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in emlxs_handle_unsol_flogi() local
1458 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in emlxs_handle_unsol_plogi() local
1554 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in emlxs_handle_unsol_prli() local
1768 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in emlxs_handle_unsol_prlo() local
1904 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in emlxs_handle_unsol_logo() local
2063 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in emlxs_handle_unsol_gen_cmd() local
2761 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in emlxs_generate_rscn() local
3411 emlxs_ub_send_login_acc(emlxs_port_t *port, fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp) in emlxs_ub_send_login_acc()
H A Demlxs_solaris.c2824 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in emlxs_fca_ub_alloc() local
3072 emlxs_ub_els_reject(emlxs_port_t *port, fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp) in emlxs_ub_els_reject()
3143 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in emlxs_fca_ub_release() local
3258 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in emlxs_fca_ub_free() local
3355 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in emlxs_ub_destroy() local
9414 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in emlxs_send_els_rsp() local
10513 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in emlxs_ub_find() local
10572 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in emlxs_ub_get() local
11103 emlxs_swap_els_ub(fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp) in emlxs_swap_els_ub()
11829 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in emlxs_ub_flush() local
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H A Demlxs_ip.c182 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in emlxs_ip_handle_unsol_req() local
H A Demlxs_clock.c1084 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in emlxs_timer_check_ub() local
H A Demlxs_sli3.c6933 emlxs_buf_t *sbp, fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp, IOCBQ *iocbq) in emlxs_sli3_reg_did()
7058 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp, IOCBQ *iocbq) in emlxs_sli3_unreg_node()
H A Demlxs_mbox.c3079 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp, IOCBQ *iocbq) in emlxs_mb_deferred_cmpl()
H A Demlxs_sli4.c8962 emlxs_buf_t *sbp, fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp, IOCBQ *iocbq) in emlxs_sli4_reg_did()
9015 emlxs_buf_t *sbp, fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp, IOCBQ *iocbq) in emlxs_sli4_unreg_node()
H A Demlxs_fcf.c11983 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in emlxs_deferred_cmpl_thread() local
H A Dql_iocb.c1300 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in ql_isp_rcvbuf() local
1426 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in ql_isp24xx_rcvbuf() local
H A Dql_api.c1865 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp = ha->ub_array[index]; in ql_detach() local
3247 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in ql_ub_alloc() local
3504 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in ql_ub_free() local
3634 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in ql_ub_release() local
6282 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in ql_busy_plogi() local
8539 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in ql_unsol_callback() local
8651 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in ql_send_logo() local
8772 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in ql_send_plogi() local
8943 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in ql_rcv_rscn_els() local
9404 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in ql_get_unsolicited_buffer() local
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H A Dql_mbx.c502 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; in ql_shutdown_ip() local
H A Dzfsimpl.h893 #define MMP_VALID(ubp) (ubp->ub_magic == UBERBLOCK_MAGIC && \ argument
895 #define MMP_INTERVAL_VALID(ubp) (MMP_VALID(ubp) && (ubp->ub_mmp_config & \ argument
897 #define MMP_SEQ_VALID(ubp) (MMP_VALID(ubp) && (ubp->ub_mmp_config & \ argument
899 #define MMP_FAIL_INT_VALID(ubp) (MMP_VALID(ubp) && (ubp->ub_mmp_config & \ argument
902 #define MMP_INTERVAL(ubp) ((ubp->ub_mmp_config & 0x00000000FFFFFF00) \ argument
904 #define MMP_SEQ(ubp) ((ubp->ub_mmp_config & 0x0000FFFF00000000) \ argument
906 #define MMP_FAIL_INT(ubp) ((ubp->ub_mmp_config & 0xFFFF000000000000) \ argument
H A Demlxs_os.h448 fc_unsol_buf_t *ubp; member
H A Demlxs_mbox.h4670 void *ubp; /* ptr to fc_unsol_buf_t */ member