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H A Dscope.h33 struct symbol_list *symbols; /* List of symbols in this scope */ member
H A Dscope.c108 struct symbol_list *symbols = scope->symbols; in end_scope() local
H A Dcheck_arm64_tagged.c26 static struct hashtable *symbols; variable
H A Dtoken.h73 struct symbol *symbols; /* Pointer to semantic meaning list */ member
H A D_elfdump.h192 #define symbols symbols64 macro
216 #define symbols symbols32 macro
H A Delfdump.c2444 symbols(Cache *cache, Word shnum, Ehdr *ehdr, uchar_t osabi, in symbols() function
H A Dcrossref.c64 int symbols; /* number of symbols */ variable
H A Drpc_scan.c385 static token symbols[] = { variable
H A Dres_debug.c646 const struct res_sym *symbols; in p_section() local
H A Dasm10k.c607 sym_t *symbols[4]; in compile_asm() local
H A Dlemon.c236 struct symbol **symbols; /* Sorted array of pointers to symbols */ member