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H A Dstatcommon.h215 struct snapshot { struct
217 enum snapshot_types s_types; argument
219 struct cpu_snapshot *s_cpus; argument
221 struct pset_snapshot *s_psets; argument
223 struct intr_snapshot *s_intrs; argument
225 struct iodev_snapshot *s_iodevs; argument
227 struct sys_snapshot s_sys; argument
228 struct biostats s_biostats;
229 size_t s_nr_active_cpus;
H A Dlibzfs_input_check.c350 test_snapshot(const char *pool, const char *snapshot) in test_snapshot()
372 test_space_snaps(const char *snapshot) in test_space_snaps()
383 test_destroy_snaps(const char *pool, const char *snapshot) in test_destroy_snaps()
437 test_clone(const char *snapshot, const char *clone) in test_clone()
453 test_rollback(const char *dataset, const char *snapshot) in test_rollback()
465 test_hold(const char *pool, const char *snapshot) in test_hold()
483 test_get_holds(const char *snapshot) in test_get_holds()
489 test_release(const char *pool, const char *snapshot) in test_release()
505 test_send_new(const char *snapshot, int fd) in test_send_new()
540 char snapshot[MAXNAMELEN + 32]; in test_recv_new() local
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H A Dses.c195 ses_snap_t *snapshot; in fw_writefw() local
299 ses_snap_t *snapshot; in fw_identify() local
H A Dsvcprop.c111 static char *snapshot = "running"; /* Snapshot to use. */ variable
378 get_snapshot(const scf_instance_t *inst, const char *snapshot) in get_snapshot()
H A Dbe_list.c604 be_snapshot_list_t *snapshot; in be_add_children_callback() local
1288 be_snapshot_list_t *snapshot, in be_get_ss_data()
H A Dlibbe_priv.h120 const char *snapshot; /* snapshot of dataset being demoted */ member
H A Ddevpool.c221 int snapshot = 0; in pool_ioctl() local
H A Dopenprom.c77 char *snapshot; /* snapshot of all prom nodes */ member
H A Dfssnap.c139 static struct snapshot_id *snapshot = NULL; variable
H A Dlibzfs_jni_util.c81 zjni_get_dataset_from_snapshot(const char *snapshot, char *dataset, in zjni_get_dataset_from_snapshot()
H A Dscf_tmpl.c910 _get_snapshot(scf_instance_t *inst, const char *snapshot, in _get_snapshot()
1936 scf_tmpl_get_by_pg_name(const char *fmri, const char *snapshot, in scf_tmpl_get_by_pg_name()
2113 _get_next_iterator(scf_handle_t *h, scf_pg_tmpl_t *t, const char *snapshot, in _get_next_iterator()
2296 scf_tmpl_iter_pgs(scf_pg_tmpl_t *t, const char *fmri, const char *snapshot, in scf_tmpl_iter_pgs()
6529 scf_tmpl_validate_fmri(scf_handle_t *h, const char *fmri, const char *snapshot, in scf_tmpl_validate_fmri()
H A Dlibdlmgmt.c385 dlmgmt_door_getconfsnapshot_t snapshot; in dladm_getsnap_conf() local
H A Dzfs.c73 const char *snapshot; /* snapshot of dataset being demoted */ member
H A Dzoneadm.c3565 char *snapshot = NULL; in clone_func() local
H A Ddsl_prop.c74 int intsz, int numints, void *buf, char *setpoint, boolean_t snapshot) in dsl_prop_get_dd()
H A Dibnex_ioctl.c202 char *snapshot = NULL; in ibnex_devctl() local
H A Ddlmgmt_door.c1068 dlmgmt_door_getconfsnapshot_t *snapshot = argp; in dlmgmt_getconfsnapshot() local
H A Dsadb.c3720 time_t snapshot = gethrestime_sec(); local
H A Dzfs_main.c5975 char *snapshot = argv[i]; in zfs_do_holds() local