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H A Dsignal.c71 #define sa_mask sv_mask macro
H A Dsmb_vops.h69 uint_t sa_mask; /* For both vattr and CIFS attr's */ member
H A Dsignal.h102 sigset_t sa_mask; member
120 sigset_t sa_mask; member
H A Dsignal.h306 sigset_t sa_mask; /* signal mask to apply */ member
H A Dsignal.h168 sigset_t sa_mask; member
H A Dsmb_vops.c1074 smb_sa_to_va_mask(uint_t sa_mask, uint_t *va_maskp) in smb_sa_to_va_mask()
H A Dsmb_fsops.c1298 uint_t sa_mask; in smb_fsop_setattr() local
H A Dstruct_layout.h468 sl_field_t sa_mask; member