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H A Dib_recv.c60 struct rdsv3_ib_recv_work *recv; in rdsv3_ib_recv_init_ring() local
80 struct rdsv3_ib_recv_work *recv) in rdsv3_ib_recv_clear_one()
114 struct rdsv3_ib_recv_work *recv) in rdsv3_ib_recv_refill_one()
176 struct rdsv3_ib_recv_work *recv; in rdsv3_ib_recv_refill() local
678 struct rdsv3_ib_recv_work *recv, uint32_t data_len, in rdsv3_ib_process_recv()
807 struct rdsv3_ib_recv_work *recv; in rdsv3_ib_recv_cqe_handler() local
H A Dipmi_bmc.c100 struct ipmi_recv recv; in ipmi_bmc_send() local
H A Dksocket.c343 size_t *recv, struct cred *cr) in ksocket_recv()
396 struct sockaddr *name, socklen_t *namelen, size_t *recv, struct cred *cr) in ksocket_recvfrom()
450 ksocket_recvmsg(ksocket_t ks, struct nmsghdr *msg, int flags, size_t *recv, in ksocket_recvmsg()
H A Discsit_radiuspacket.c313 size_t recv = 0; in iscsit_net_recvmsg() local
H A Discsi_net.c406 size_t recv = 0; in iscsi_net_poll() local
459 size_t recv = 0; in iscsi_net_recvmsg() local
H A Drights.c50 uint_t recv; /* Size receive buffer for this number of FDs */ member
H A Dipmi_main.c241 struct ipmi_recv recv; in ipmi_ioctl() local
H A Dweaks.c50 #pragma weak recv = _recv macro
H A Dnet_backends.c136 ssize_t (*recv)(struct net_backend *be, const struct iovec *iov, member
1132 dlpi_recvinfo_t recv; in be_dlpi_peek_recvlen() local
H A Dav1394_isoch.c659 iec61883_recv_t recv; in av1394_ioctl_recv() local
H A Dav1394_isoch_recv.c192 av1394_ir_recv(av1394_ic_t *icp, iec61883_recv_t *recv) in av1394_ir_recv()
H A Ddapl_tavor_hw.h304 uint64_t recv; /* tavor_hw_uar_recv_t */ member
314 uint32_t recv[2]; /* tavor_hw_uar_recv_t */ member
H A Dsocket.c781 recv(int s, void *buf, size_t len, int flags) in recv() function
H A Didm_so.c666 size_t recv; in idm_iov_sorecv() local
H A Drdsv3.h372 int (*recv)(struct rdsv3_connection *conn); member
H A Dsocksyscalls.c965 recv(int sock, void *buffer, size_t len, int flags) in recv() function
H A Dbge_impl.h814 recv_ring_t recv[BGE_RECV_RINGS_MAX]; /* 16*0x0090 */ member
H A Ddsl_dataset.c1236 dmu_tx_t *tx, boolean_t recv, uint64_t cnt, cred_t *cr) in dsl_dataset_snapshot_check_impl()
H A Dnge.h746 struct recv_ring recv[1]; member
H A Dib_user_verbs.h664 struct ib_uverbs_recv_wr recv[]; member
H A Ddladm.c108 uint64_t recv; member
119 uint64_t recv; member
H A Dibtl_types.h1625 ibt_recv_wr_t recv; member
H A Dtavor_hw.h2137 tavor_hw_uar_recv_t recv; member