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H A Dkdb_log.c84 ulog_resize(kdb_hlog_t *ulog, uint32_t ulogentries, int ulogfd, uint_t recsize) in ulog_resize()
144 uint_t i, recsize; in ulog_add_update() local
H A Dnfslogd.h139 unsigned int recsize; /* size of this record */ member
H A Dzfs_log.c580 size_t recsize = sizeof (lr_setattr_t); in zfs_log_setattr() local
H A Dtlm_restore_writer.c1762 long recsize, in get_humongus_file_header()
1817 long recsize, in get_long_name()
H A Dlib.c69 size_t recsize = RECSIZE; variable
H A Dunix.c138 int rval, i, recsize = sizeof (trap_trace_rec_t); in ttrace_walk_step() local