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H A Dutil.h71 typedef struct q_head { struct
76 boolean_t boe;
77 pthread_mutex_t mutex;
78 pthread_cond_t cvar;
79 void *(*nalloc)(size_t);
80 void (*nfree)(void *, size_t);
81 void (*data_dealloc)(void *);
82 struct q_node *nodep;
H A Dmmd.c589 uintptr_t q_head; in pdesc_slab_walk_init() local
648 uintptr_t q_head; in pdesc_walk_init() local
816 uintptr_t q_head; in pattr_walk_init() local
H A Disns_msgq.h71 msg_text_t *q_head; member
H A Dhci1394_q.h306 caddr_t q_head; member
H A Daac.h143 struct aac_cmd *q_head; /* also as the header of aac_cmd */ member