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H A Dalgs.c184 write_new_algfile(ipsec_proto_t *protos, int num_protos) in write_new_algfile()
342 proto_setup(ipsec_proto_t **protos, int *num_protos, int proto_num, in proto_setup()
486 ipsec_proto_t *protos, *current_proto; in addipsecalg() local
577 ipsec_proto_t *protos, *current_proto; in delipsecalgbyname() local
597 ipsec_proto_t *protos, *current_proto; in delipsecalgbynum() local
631 delipsecproto_common(ipsec_proto_t *protos, int num_protos, in delipsecproto_common()
653 ipsec_proto_t *protos, *current_proto, *new_proto; in addipsecproto() local
723 ipsec_proto_t *protos, *current_proto; in delipsecprotobynum() local
805 ipsec_proto_t *protos, *current_proto; in ipsecproto_get_exec_mode() local
825 ipsec_proto_t *protos, *current_proto; in ipsecproto_set_exec_mode() local
H A Dsppptun.c60 struct protos { struct
63 int (*attach)(struct protos *prot, char *linkname, argument
85 * the protos structure for the selected lower stream protocol. argument
H A Dlibadm.h41 #define __P(protos) protos argument
43 #define __P(protos) () argument
H A Ddryrun.h52 #define __P(protos) protos argument
54 #define __P(protos) () argument
H A Dlibinst.h158 #define __P(protos) protos argument
160 #define __P(protos) () argument
H A Dcdefs.h80 #define __P(protos) protos /* full-blown ANSI C */ argument
96 #define __P(protos) () /* traditional C preprocessor */ argument
H A Dcdefs.h49 # define __P(protos) protos argument
54 # define __P(protos) () argument
H A Dsharectl.c404 valid_proto(char **protos, int num, char *proto) in valid_proto()
417 char **protos; in sc_status() local
H A Ddb.h95 #define __P(protos) protos /* full-blown ANSI C */ argument
97 #define __P(protos) () /* traditional C preprocessor */ argument
H A Dalgs.c45 static ipsec_proto_t *protos; variable
H A Dcdefs.h155 #define __P(protos) protos /* full-blown ANSI C */ argument
173 #define __P(protos) () /* traditional C preprocessor */ argument
H A Dinetsvc.c685 char **protos; in valid_props() local
H A Ddb.h40 #define __P(protos) protos /* ANSI C prototypes */ argument
43 #define __P(protos) () /* K&R C preprocessor */ argument