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H A Dproject.h46 struct project { struct
47 char *pj_name; /* name of the project */ argument
48 projid_t pj_projid; /* numerical project id */ argument
49 char *pj_comment; /* project description */ argument
50 char **pj_users; /* vector of pointers to project user names */ argument
51 char **pj_groups; /* vector of pointers to project group names */ argument
52 char *pj_attr; /* project attributes string */ argument
H A Dvproj.c45 valid_project(char *project, struct project *pptr, void *buf, size_t len, in valid_project()
H A Dvprojname.c41 valid_projname(char *project, struct project *pptr, void *buf, size_t blen, in valid_projname()
H A Dtasksys.c41 settaskid(projid_t project, uint_t flags) in settaskid()
H A DProject.xs66 pwalk_cb(const projid_t project, void *walk_data) in pwalk_cb()
H A Dconf.py58 project = 'sparse' variable
H A Dpr_tasksys.c132 pr_settaskid(struct ps_prochandle *Pr, projid_t project, int flags) in pr_settaskid()
H A Dnewtask.c331 struct project project; in update_running_proc() local
512 set_ids(struct ps_prochandle *p, struct project *project, in set_ids()
H A Drcapd_collection_project.c109 project_walk_all(int(*cb)(const struct project *, void *), void *walk_data) in project_walk_all()
H A Dcpucaps_impl.h86 #define PROJECT_IS_CAPPED(project) \ argument
H A DMakefile455 project: project.time target
H A Dgetprojent.c380 struct project *project = ent; in str2project() local
H A Dlibrestart.h281 char *project; /* NULL for no change */ member
H A Dat.c146 static projid_t project; variable
H A Ddmu_objset.c1933 uint64_t flags, uint64_t user, uint64_t group, uint64_t project, in do_userquota_update()
1959 uint64_t user, uint64_t group, uint64_t project, boolean_t subtract) in do_userobjquota_update()
2161 uint64_t *project = NULL; in dmu_objset_userquota_get_ids() local
H A Dgenunix.c637 project(uintptr_t addr, uint_t flags, int argc, const mdb_arg_t *argv) in project() function