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H A Dpcipsy.c68 pci_obj_setup(pci_t *pci_p) in pci_obj_setup()
150 pci_obj_destroy(pci_t *pci_p) in pci_obj_destroy()
184 pci_obj_resume(pci_t *pci_p) in pci_obj_resume()
211 pci_obj_suspend(pci_t *pci_p) in pci_obj_suspend()
226 pci_intr_setup(pci_t *pci_p) in pci_intr_setup()
388 get_reg_base(pci_t *pci_p) in get_reg_base()
693 pci_cb_teardown(pci_t *pci_p) in pci_cb_teardown()
728 cb_enable_intr(pci_t *pci_p) in cb_enable_intr()
1109 pci_cb_setup(pci_t *pci_p) in pci_cb_setup()
1479 pci_pbm_resume(pci_t *pci_p) in pci_pbm_resume()
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H A Dpci_pbm.c58 pbm_create(pci_t *pci_p) in pbm_create()
146 pci_t *pci_p = pbm_p->pbm_pci_p; in pbm_register_intr() local
176 pbm_destroy(pci_t *pci_p) in pbm_destroy()
218 pci_t *pci_p = (pci_t *)a; in pbm_error_intr() local
276 pci_t *pci_p = pbm_p->pbm_pci_p; in pbm_suspend() local
286 pci_t *pci_p = pbm_p->pbm_pci_p; in pbm_resume() local
299 pci_t *pci_p = pbm_p->pbm_pci_p; in pbm_intr_dist() local
319 pci_t *pci_p = get_pci_soft_state(ddi_get_instance(dip)); in pbm_afsr_report() local
H A Dpci.c252 pci_t *pci_p = get_pci_soft_state(instance); in pci_info() local
283 pci_t *pci_p; /* per bus state pointer */ in pci_attach() local
409 pci_t *pci_p = get_pci_soft_state(instance); in pci_detach() local
488 pci_t *pci_p = get_pci_soft_state(ddi_get_instance(dip)); in pci_map() local
574 pci_t *pci_p = get_pci_soft_state(ddi_get_instance(dip)); in pci_dma_setup() local
640 pci_t *pci_p = get_pci_soft_state(ddi_get_instance(dip)); in pci_dma_allochdl() local
845 pci_t *pci_p = in pci_dma_win() local
975 pci_do_poke(pci_t *pci_p, peekpoke_ctlops_t *in_args) in pci_do_poke()
1084 pci_ctlops_poke(pci_t *pci_p, peekpoke_ctlops_t *in_args) in pci_ctlops_poke()
1092 pci_do_peek(pci_t *pci_p, peekpoke_ctlops_t *in_args) in pci_do_peek()
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H A Dpcisch.c91 pci_obj_setup(pci_t *pci_p) in pci_obj_setup()
168 pci_obj_destroy(pci_t *pci_p) in pci_obj_destroy()
205 pci_obj_resume(pci_t *pci_p) in pci_obj_resume()
233 pci_obj_suspend(pci_t *pci_p) in pci_obj_suspend()
252 pci_intr_setup(pci_t *pci_p) in pci_intr_setup()
317 pci_sc_configure(pci_t *pci_p) in pci_sc_configure()
648 pci_cb_teardown(pci_t *pci_p) in pci_cb_teardown()
665 cb_register_intr(pci_t *pci_p) in cb_register_intr()
684 cb_enable_intr(pci_t *pci_p) in cb_enable_intr()
1102 pci_cb_setup(pci_t *pci_p) in pci_cb_setup()
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H A Dpci_fm.c141 pci_t *pci_p = get_pci_soft_state(ddi_get_instance(dip)); in pci_fm_init_child() local
155 pci_t *pci_p = get_pci_soft_state(ddi_get_instance(dip)); in pci_bus_enter() local
171 pci_t *pci_p = get_pci_soft_state(ddi_get_instance(dip)); in pci_bus_exit() local
202 pci_t *pci_p = (pci_t *)impl_data; in pci_err_callback() local
251 pci_fm_create(pci_t *pci_p) in pci_fm_create()
308 pci_fm_destroy(pci_t *pci_p) in pci_fm_destroy()
H A Dpci_ecc.c61 ecc_create(pci_t *pci_p) in ecc_create()
105 ecc_register_intr(pci_t *pci_p) in ecc_register_intr()
124 ecc_destroy(pci_t *pci_p) in ecc_destroy()
156 ecc_configure(pci_t *pci_p) in ecc_configure()
185 ecc_enable_intr(pci_t *pci_p) in ecc_enable_intr()
383 pci_t *pci_p; in ecc_pci_check() local
411 pci_t *pci_p; in ecc_err_handler() local
569 pci_t *pci_p = ecc_err->ecc_p->ecc_pci_cmn_p->pci_p[0]; in ecc_err_drain() local
H A Dpci_util.c61 get_pci_properties(pci_t *pci_p, dev_info_t *dip) in get_pci_properties()
137 free_pci_properties(pci_t *pci_p) in free_pci_properties()
156 pci_reloc_reg(dev_info_t *dip, dev_info_t *rdip, pci_t *pci_p, in pci_reloc_reg()
211 pci_xlate_reg(pci_t *pci_p, pci_regspec_t *pci_rp, struct regspec *new_rp) in pci_xlate_reg()
364 uninit_child(pci_t *pci_p, dev_info_t *child) in uninit_child()
399 init_child(pci_t *pci_p, dev_info_t *child) in init_child()
696 pci_get_cfg_pabase(pci_t *pci_p) in pci_get_cfg_pabase()
H A Dpci_tools.c130 pcitool_phys_peek(pci_t *pci_p, boolean_t type, size_t size, in pcitool_phys_peek()
192 pcitool_phys_poke(pci_t *pci_p, boolean_t type, size_t size, in pcitool_phys_poke()
290 pcitool_get_intr(dev_info_t *dip, void *arg, int mode, pci_t *pci_p) in pcitool_get_intr()
412 pcitool_set_intr(dev_info_t *dip, void *arg, int mode, pci_t *pci_p) in pcitool_set_intr()
514 pci_t *pci_p = DEV_TO_SOFTSTATE(dev); in pcitool_intr_admn() local
556 pcitool_access(pci_t *pci_p, uint64_t phys_addr, uint64_t max_addr, in pcitool_access()
625 pci_t *pci_p = DEV_TO_SOFTSTATE(dev); in pcitool_bus_reg_ops() local
723 pcitool_get_bar(pci_t *pci_p, pcitool_reg_t *prg, uint64_t config_base_addr, in pcitool_get_bar()
809 pcitool_config_request(pci_t *pci_p, pcitool_reg_t *prg, uint64_t base_addr, in pcitool_config_request()
836 pci_t *pci_p = DEV_TO_SOFTSTATE(dev); in pcitool_dev_reg_ops() local
H A Dpci_fdvma.c54 pci_t *pci_p = (pci_t *)fdvma_p->softsp; in pci_fdvma_load() local
132 pci_t *pci_p = (pci_t *)fdvma_p->softsp; in pci_fdvma_unload() local
167 pci_t *pci_p = (pci_t *)fdvma_p->softsp; in pci_fdvma_sync() local
178 pci_fdvma_reserve(dev_info_t *dip, dev_info_t *rdip, pci_t *pci_p, in pci_fdvma_reserve()
271 pci_fdvma_release(dev_info_t *dip, pci_t *pci_p, ddi_dma_impl_t *mp) in pci_fdvma_release()
H A Dpci_intr.c147 pci_t *pci_p = get_pci_soft_state(ddi_get_instance(dip)); in map_pcidev_cfg_reg() local
223 pci_t *pci_p = ino_p->ino_ib_p->ib_pci_p; in pci_spurintr() local
294 pci_t *pci_p = ino_p->ino_ib_p->ib_pci_p; in pci_intr_wrapper() local
410 pci_t *pci_p = ib_p->ib_pci_p; in pci_ks_update() local
453 pci_t *pci_p = get_pci_soft_state(ddi_get_instance(dip)); in pci_add_intr() local
624 pci_t *pci_p = get_pci_soft_state(ddi_get_instance(dip)); in pci_remove_intr() local
722 pci_intr_teardown(pci_t *pci_p) in pci_intr_teardown()
H A Dpci_ib.c51 ib_create(pci_t *pci_p) in ib_create()
116 ib_destroy(pci_t *pci_p) in ib_destroy()
146 ib_intr_enable(pci_t *pci_p, ib_ino_t ino) in ib_intr_enable()
309 pci_t *pci_p = ib_p->ib_pci_p; in ib_intr_dist_all() local
459 pci_t *pci_p = ib_p->ib_pci_p; in ib_suspend() local
477 pci_t *pci_p = ib_p->ib_pci_p; in ib_resume() local
628 ib_ino_add_intr(pci_t *pci_p, ib_ino_pil_t *ipil_p, ih_t *ih_p) in ib_ino_add_intr()
699 ib_ino_rem_intr(pci_t *pci_p, ib_ino_pil_t *ipil_p, ih_t *ih_p) in ib_ino_rem_intr()
824 ib_update_intr_state(pci_t *pci_p, dev_info_t *rdip, in ib_update_intr_state()
873 ib_get_intr_target(pci_t *pci_p, ib_ino_t ino, int *cpu_id_p) in ib_get_intr_target()
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H A Dpci_counters.c42 pci_kstat_create(pci_t *pci_p) in pci_kstat_create()
53 pci_kstat_destroy(pci_t *pci_p) in pci_kstat_destroy()
152 kstat_t *pci_create_cntr_kstat(pci_t *pci_p, char *name, in pci_create_cntr_kstat()
264 pci_rem_upstream_kstat(pci_t *pci_p) in pci_rem_upstream_kstat()
H A Dpci_sc.c46 sc_create(pci_t *pci_p) in sc_create()
112 sc_destroy(pci_t *pci_p) in sc_destroy()
H A Dpci_iommu.c50 iommu_create(pci_t *pci_p) in iommu_create()
172 iommu_destroy(pci_t *pci_p) in iommu_destroy()
228 pci_t *pci_p = iommu_p->iommu_pci_p; in iommu_configure() local
411 pci_alloc_tsb(pci_t *pci_p) in pci_alloc_tsb()
426 pci_free_tsb(pci_t *pci_p) in pci_free_tsb()
H A Dpci_devctl.c84 pci_t *pci_p; in pci_open() local
141 pci_t *pci_p; in pci_close() local
237 pci_t *pci_p; in pci_ioctl() local
H A Dpci_cb.c45 cb_create(pci_t *pci_p) in cb_create()
57 cb_destroy(pci_t *pci_p) in cb_destroy()
87 cb_enable_nintr(pci_t *pci_p, enum cb_nintr_index idx) in cb_enable_nintr()
H A Dpci_reloc.c66 pci_dvma_unregister_callbacks(pci_t *pci_p, ddi_dma_impl_t *mp) in pci_dvma_unregister_callbacks()
193 pci_t *pci_p = get_pci_soft_state(ddi_get_instance(dip)); in pci_dvma_remap() local
219 pci_t *pci_p = (pci_t *)fdvma_p->softsp; in pci_fdvma_remap() local
346 pci_fdvma_unregister_callbacks(pci_t *pci_p, fdvma_t *fdvma_p, in pci_fdvma_unregister_callbacks()
H A Dpci_dma.c153 pci_t *pci_p = get_pci_soft_state(ret); in pci_dma_sync() local
427 pci_dma_attr2hdl(pci_t *pci_p, ddi_dma_impl_t *mp) in pci_dma_attr2hdl()
552 pci_dma_type(pci_t *pci_p, ddi_dma_req_t *dmareq, ddi_dma_impl_t *mp) in pci_dma_type()
652 pci_dma_pgpfn(pci_t *pci_p, ddi_dma_impl_t *mp, uint_t npages) in pci_dma_pgpfn()
701 pci_dma_vapfn(pci_t *pci_p, ddi_dma_req_t *dmareq, ddi_dma_impl_t *mp, in pci_dma_vapfn()
763 pci_dma_pfn(pci_t *pci_p, ddi_dma_req_t *dmareq, ddi_dma_impl_t *mp) in pci_dma_pfn()
840 pci_dvma_win(pci_t *pci_p, ddi_dma_req_t *dmareq, ddi_dma_impl_t *mp) in pci_dvma_win()
1082 pci_t *pci_p = get_pci_soft_state(ddi_get_instance(dip)); in pci_dma_sync_unmap() local
1329 pci_dma_physwin(pci_t *pci_p, ddi_dma_req_t *dmareq, ddi_dma_impl_t *mp) in pci_dma_physwin()
H A Dpci_var.h75 #define PCI_CHIP_ID(pci_p) ((pci_p)->pci_common_p->pci_chip_id) argument
76 #define CHIP_TYPE(pci_p) ID_CHIP_TYPE(PCI_CHIP_ID(pci_p)) argument
77 #define CHIP_REV(pci_p) (PCI_CHIP_ID(pci_p) & 0xFF) argument
78 #define CHIP_VER(pci_p) ((PCI_CHIP_ID(pci_p) >> 8) & 0xFF) argument
98 pci_t *pci_p[2]; /* pci soft states of both sides */ member
H A Dnpe.c799 pci_state_t *pci_p = ddi_get_soft_state(npe_statep, in npe_ctlops() local
1085 pci_state_t *pci_p = ddi_get_soft_state(npe_statep, instance); in npe_open() local
1135 pci_state_t *pci_p = ddi_get_soft_state(npe_statep, instance); in npe_close() local
1165 pci_state_t *pci_p = ddi_get_soft_state(npe_statep, instance); in npe_ioctl() local
H A Dpci.c799 pci_state_t *pci_p = ddi_get_soft_state(pci_statep, instance); in pci_ioctl() local
H A Dpcic.c6020 pci_regspec_t *pci_p, int entries) in pcic_apply_avail_ranges()