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H A Dpause.c47 pause() in pause() function
H A Dcommon.c66 hrtime_t now, pause, pause_left; in sleep_until() local
H A Dlibdlether.c199 boolean_t pause = eattr->lei_attr[ptype].le_pause; in dladm_ether_pause2str() local
294 uint32_t autoneg, pause, asmpause, fault; in dladm_ether_info() local
H A Dnet.c137 int pause = 0; in xfer_file() local
H A Dmv88e1xxx.c271 int sp = -1, dplx = -1, pause = 0; in mv88e1xxx_get_link_status() local
H A Daudioio.h76 uchar_t pause; /* non-zero for pause, zero to resume */ member
H A Dsadc.c127 hrtime_t now, pause, pause_left; in sleep_until() local
H A Dkstat.c420 hrtime_t now, pause, pause_left; in ks_sleep_until() local
H A Dunm_nic_main.c2172 unm_nic_set_pauseparam(unm_adapter *adapter, unm_pauseparam_t *pause) in unm_nic_set_pauseparam()
2549 unm_pauseparam_t pause; in unm_register_mac() local
H A Dtesting.h264 __le32 pause; member
272 u8 pause; member
H A Dt4_mac.c1029 cc_pause_t pause = 0; in t4_mac_flowctrl_to_link_caps() local
H A Dtraceroute.c274 double pause; in main() local
H A Dscalls.c888 pause(void) in pause() function
H A Dixgbe_x550.c3903 u32 pause, asm_dir, reg_val; in ixgbe_setup_fc_X550em() local
H A Dmyri10ge_var.h448 int pause; member
H A Dmyri10ge.c1407 myri10ge_change_pause(struct myri10ge_priv *mgp, int pause) in myri10ge_change_pause()
H A Dqlge.h710 uint32_t pause; /* flow-control mode */ member
H A Dqlge.c6953 uint16_t pause = PAUSE_MODE_DISABLED; in ql_device_initialize() local
H A Decore_mcp_api.h74 struct ecore_mcp_link_pause_params pause; member
H A Dqede.h579 boolean_t pause; member
H A Dzpool_main.c6586 time_t start, end, pause; in print_scan_status() local
H A Dmcp_public.h81 u32 pause; /* bitmask */ member
H A Dnxge_mac_hw.h1651 uint32_t pause : 1; member
H A Dt4_hw.c9004 int t4_link_set_pause(struct port_info *pi, cc_pause_t pause, in t4_link_set_pause()