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H A Dtable.c172 parse_config_cmd(char *begin, lt_parser_t *parser) in parse_config_cmd()
338 parse_dmacro(char *begin, lt_parser_t *parser) in parse_dmacro()
491 lt_parser_t parser; in parse_config() local
H A Dutil.py139 def append_with_opt(option, opt, value, parser): argument
H A Dallow.py135 def args_to_perms(parser, options, who, perms): argument
H A Ddevice_info.c118 XML_Parser parser; member
1373 XML_Parser parser; in process_fdi_file() local
H A Dldom_xmpp_client.c68 xmlParserCtxtPtr parser; member
H A Dy2.c61 char *parser = PARSER; /* location of common parser */ variable
H A Doptions.c710 int (*parser) __P((char **, option_t *)); local