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H A Dfputws.c42 int nchars; in _fputws_impl() local
H A Dbanner.c38 #define nchars 128 /* number of chars in char set */ macro
H A Dopen_wmemstream.c87 size_t nchars; in open_wmemstream_write() local
H A Dwclib.c170 register Sfoff_t nchars; in wc_count() local
H A Dpc_dir.c1384 int nchars; in pc_name_to_pcdir() local
1448 int nchars; in generate_short_name() local
H A Dusers.c341 allocstr(unsigned int nchars) in allocstr()
H A Dinsfilter.c753 register size_t nchars; local
H A Dsdiff.c91 static int nchars; /* Number of characters in left side - */ variable
H A Dvi.c1106 static void cdelete(Vi_t *vp,register int nchars, int mode) in cdelete()
1841 static void putstring(register Vi_t *vp,register int col, register int nchars) in putstring()
H A Dmakewhatis.c176 sbuf_need(struct sbuf *sbuf, int nchars) in sbuf_need()
H A Dnis_subr.c345 size_t nchars; in nis_leaf_of_r() local
H A Dpg.c163 static off_t nchars; /* return from getaline in find() */ variable
H A Dmore.c499 register int nchars; in screen() local