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H A Dnlist.h37 char *n_name; /* symbol name */ member
H A Dnetdb.h218 char *n_name; /* official name of net */ member
H A Dsyms.h62 #define n_name _n._n_name macro
H A Dsmbns_browser.h185 char n_name[SMB_PI_MAX_DOMAIN]; member
H A Dnlist_aout.h54 const char *n_name; /* symbol name (in memory) */ member
H A Dnetdb.h68 char *n_name; /* official name of net */ member
H A Dmac.c62 char *n_name; /* OFW network media name */ member
H A Dnews.c73 char n_name[MAXNAMLEN]; member
H A Ddefs.h97 char *n_name; member
H A Din.rwhod.c125 char *n_name; /* interface name */ member
H A Derrortouch.c506 char n_name[64]; variable
H A Dawk.h148 #define n_name n_un.n_term.N_name macro
H A Dfind_elf.c59 char *n_name; member
H A Dirs.h188 char *n_name; /*%< official name of net */ member
H A Ddef.h256 char *n_name; /* This fella's name */ member
H A Dgfx_fb.c2132 char *n_name; member
H A Discsi_if.h255 unsigned char n_name[ISCSI_MAX_NAME_LEN]; member
H A Discsi_if.h267 unsigned char n_name[ISCSI_MAX_NAME_LEN]; member