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H A Dunctrl.c88 int c, msb; in unctrl() local
H A Dunctrl.c93 int c, msb; in unctrl() local
H A Dn2rng_entp_algs.c55 msb(uint64_t x) in msb() function
H A Dcommon_han.h54 unsigned int msb: 1; /* should be 0x01 */ member
101 unsigned int msb: 1; /* should be 0x01 */ member
H A Dlm_util.c262 u8_t msb = 0 ; // 1 in calc_crc32() local
H A Djtag.c1741 jtag_bf_extract(u_char *s, int lsb, int msb) in jtag_bf_extract()
1764 jtag_bf_insert(u_char *s, int lsb, int msb, int value) in jtag_bf_insert()
1844 u_int flags, lsb, msb, patch; in jtag_init_chip() local
1929 u_int lsb, msb; in jtag_scanout_chip() local
2496 u_int lsb, msb; in format_chip_data() local
H A Dvdev_raidz_math_scalar.c105 iv_t msb; member
H A Dlibilb_impl.h70 #define INV6_H2N_MSB64(addr, msb) \ argument
H A Drge_main.c882 uint32_t msb; in rge_hash_index() local
H A Drtls.c766 uint32_t msb; in rtls_hash_index() local
H A Dl2_defs.h78 u16_t msb : 1; member
82 u16_t msb : 1; member
H A Ddmfe_main.c1209 uint32_t msb; in dmfe_hash_index() local
H A Dql_xioctl.h117 } msb; member
H A Dql_api.h1814 #define CHAR_TO_SHORT(lsb, msb) (uint16_t)((uint8_t)msb << 8 | (uint8_t)lsb) argument
1815 #define CHAR_TO_LONG(lsb, b1, b2, msb) \ argument
H A Decore_l2.c1521 u8 msb = 0, current_byte = 0; in ecore_calc_crc32c() local
H A Ddnet.c1132 uint32_t msb; in hashindex() local