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H A Dgprof.h197 struct mod_info { struct
198 struct mod_info *next; /* ptr to next in the modules list */ argument
210 typedef struct mod_info mod_info_t; argument
H A Dmdb_module.h56 mdb_modinfo_t *mod_info; /* Module information */ member
H A Dmod.c63 static const topo_modinfo_t mod_info = variable
H A Dfmd_module.h117 fmd_hdl_info_t *mod_info; /* module info registered with handle */ member
H A Dmodconf.c359 mod_info(struct modlinkage *modlp, struct modinfo *modinfop) in mod_info() function
H A Dfctl_private.h91 fc_ulp_modinfo_t *mod_info; member