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H A Dgetauditflags.c76 getauditflagschar(char *auditstring, au_mask_t *masks, int verbose) in getauditflagschar()
263 getauditflagsbin(char *auditstring, au_mask_t *masks) in getauditflagsbin()
H A Dgetfaudflgs.c47 au_mask_t masks; in getfauditflags() local
H A Dfindfp.c61 static const mask_t masks[] = { variable
H A Diwk2.c2648 uint16_t masks = 0; in iwk_send() local
2945 uint16_t masks = 0; in iwk_m_ioctl() local
3523 uint16_t masks = 0, rate; in iwk_hw_set_before_auth() local
3811 uint16_t masks = 0; in iwk_config() local
6357 uint16_t masks = 0; in iwk_start_tx_beacon() local
6457 uint16_t masks = 0; in iwk_clean_add_node_ibss() local
H A Dacl_common.c1574 acl_trivial_access_masks(mode_t mode, boolean_t isdir, trivial_acl_t *masks) in acl_trivial_access_masks()
1641 trivial_acl_t masks; in acl_trivial_create() local
H A Dpmubus.c632 uint64_t *masks) in pmubus_mask()
H A Diwh.c3082 uint16_t masks = 0; in iwh_send() local
4300 uint16_t masks = 0; in iwh_config() local
6307 uint32_t masks = 0, rate; in iwh_ap_lq() local
H A Dclassifier-objects.h196 linked_list masks; /* list of loaded masks */ member
H A Dpci_hda.c717 uint32_t masks[] = {0x00000000, 0x000000ff, 0x0000ffff, in hda_write() local
H A Dzfs_acl.c1347 trivial_acl_t masks; in zfs_acl_chmod() local
H A Diwp.c2984 uint16_t masks = 0; in iwp_send() local
H A Ddis_tables.c6581 static uint64_t masks[] = in dtrace_disx86_str() local