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H A Dinet_hash.c247 uint8_t *ip_dst = (uint8_t *)&(iphp->ipha_dst); in inet_pkt_hash() local
289 uint8_t *ip_dst = &(ip6hp->ip6_dst.s6_addr8[12]); in inet_pkt_hash() local
H A Dip.c73 struct in_addr ip_dst; member
H A Drpc.c284 n_long ip_dst; in rpc_fromaddr() member
H A Dip.h57 struct in_addr ip_src, ip_dst; /* source and dest address */ member
H A Dmac_util.c2099 uint8_t *ip_dst = (uint8_t *)&(iphp->ipha_dst); in mac_pkt_hash() local
2141 uint8_t *ip_dst = &(ip6hp->ip6_dst.s6_addr8[12]); in mac_pkt_hash() local
H A Dip.h69 struct in_addr ip_src,ip_dst; /* source and dest address */ member