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H A Drpc_main.c404 char *include; in c_output() local
631 char *include; in s_output() local
718 char *include; in l_output() local
778 char *include; in svc_output() local
814 char *include; in clnt_output() local
H A DAggregateSpec.java57 setIncludeByDefault(boolean include) in setIncludeByDefault()
H A Dlex.c273 include(void) in include() function
H A Dinterp.c198 include(const char *filename) in include() function
H A Dtrace.c485 char *include; in collect_include() local
972 char *include; in generate_includes() local
H A Dbart.h108 boolean_t include; member
H A Drules.c558 int include, is_dir; in add_modifier() local
H A Drecipient.c1418 include(fname, forwarding, ctladdr, sendq, aliaslevel, e) in include() function
H A Dloader_emu.c1639 include(const char *filename) in include() function
H A Dproto.c389 …ar* path; char* tmpbuf; char* valbuf; char* optflags; int lastout; char* include; char* prefix; st… member
H A Dlemon.c245 char *include; /* Code to put at the start of the C file */ member