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H A Dip_icmp.h57 struct icmp { struct
58 uchar_t icmp_type; /* type of message, see below */ argument
59 uchar_t icmp_code; /* type sub code */ argument
60 uint16_t icmp_cksum; /* ones complement cksum of struct */ argument
81 } icmp_hun; argument
101 } icmp_dun; argument
H A Dicmp.c317 icmp_t *icmp; in icmp_tpi_bind() local
425 icmp_t *icmp = connp->conn_icmp; in rawip_do_bind() local
594 icmp_bind_proto(icmp_t *icmp) in icmp_bind_proto()
720 icmp_t *icmp; in rawip_do_connect() local
1454 icmp_t *icmp = Q_TO_ICMP(q); in icmp_addr_req() local
1545 icmp_t *icmp = Q_TO_ICMP(q); in icmp_capability_req() local
1571 icmp_t *icmp = Q_TO_ICMP(q); in icmp_info_req() local
1674 icmp_t *icmp; in rawip_do_open() local
1819 icmp_t *icmp = Q_TO_ICMP(q); in icmp_opt_default() local
2572 icmp_t *icmp; in icmp_input() local
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H A Dipclassifier.c2087 icmp_t *icmp = (icmp_t *)&itc[1]; in rawip_conn_constructor() local
2114 icmp_t *icmp = (icmp_t *)&itc[1]; in rawip_conn_destructor() local
H A Dtnet.c768 const struct icmp *icmp = (const struct icmp *) in tsol_get_pkt_label() local
H A Dcond_expr3.c1 static int icmp = 1 / (sizeof(int) - sizeof(1 > 0)); variable
H A Dip_log.c275 struct icmp *icmp; local
302 struct icmp6_hdr *icmp; local
H A Dip_nat.c2997 icmphdr_t *icmp, *orgicmp; local
3874 icmphdr_t *icmp = NULL; local
4053 icmphdr_t *icmp; local
4201 icmphdr_t *icmp; local
4381 icmphdr_t *icmp; local
4528 icmphdr_t *icmp; local
H A Dip_fil_solaris.c1491 struct icmp *icmp; local
2812 struct icmp *icmp; local
3236 icmphdr_t *icmp; local
H A Dip_state.c2374 icmphdr_t *icmp; local
H A Dfil.c945 icmphdr_t *icmp; local
4259 int fr_matchicmpqueryreply(v, ic, icmp, rev) in fr_matchicmpqueryreply() argument
H A Dipft_tx.c187 struct icmp icmp, *ic = &icmp; local
H A Dsnoop_icmp.c65 interpret_icmp(int flags, struct icmp *icmp, int iplen, int ilen) in interpret_icmp()
H A Diptun.c2093 iptun_sendicmp_v4(iptun_t *iptun, icmph_t *icmp, ipha_t *orig_ipha, mblk_t *mp, in iptun_sendicmp_v4()
2206 icmph_t icmp; in iptun_icmp_error_v4() local
2219 icmph_t icmp; in iptun_icmp_fragneeded_v4() local
H A Dndp.c99 struct icmp6_hdr *icmp; in in_data() local
H A Drdisc.c77 struct icmp icmp; member
H A Dipmon.c988 struct icmp *icmp; local
H A Dnet.c700 icmp_t icmp; in netstat_icmp_cb() local
H A Dtraceroute.c91 char icmp[STR_LEN]; /* "icmp" or "ipv6-icmp" */ member
H A Dmac_protect.c863 struct icmp6_hdr *icmp; in get_ra_info() local
H A Dnetstat.c2340 mib2_icmp_t *icmp = in stat_report() local
2520 print_icmp_stats(mib2_icmp_t *icmp) in print_icmp_stats()