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H A Dfru_data_impl.h94 typedef struct hash_obj { struct
103 struct hash_obj *next; argument
104 struct hash_obj *prev; argument
111 hash_obj_t *hash_obj; member
H A Dfru_data.c315 hash_obj_t *hash_obj; in alloc_container_node_object() local
356 hash_obj_t *hash_obj; in alloc_section_node_object() local
393 hash_obj_t *hash_obj; in alloc_segment_node_object() local
432 hash_obj_t *hash_obj; in alloc_packet_node_object() local
636 hash_obj_t *hash_obj; in frudata_delete_segment() local
796 hash_obj_t *hash_obj; in frudata_read_payload() local
842 hash_obj_t *hash_obj; in frudata_write_payload() local
886 hash_obj_t *hash_obj; in frudata_read_tag() local
1204 hash_obj_t *hash_obj; in frudata_read_packet() local
1275 hash_obj_t *hash_obj; in frudata_add_packet() local
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H A Dfru_access_impl.h190 typedef struct hash_obj { struct
199 struct hash_obj *next; argument
200 struct hash_obj *prev; argument
H A Dfru_access.c82 hash_obj_t *hash_obj; in create_container_hash_object() local
111 hash_obj_t *hash_obj; in create_section_hash_object() local
141 hash_obj_t *hash_obj; in create_segment_hash_object() local
171 hash_obj_t *hash_obj; in create_packet_hash_object() local
198 add_hashobject_to_hashtable(hash_obj_t *hash_obj) in add_hashobject_to_hashtable()
299 hash_obj_t *hash_obj; in get_container_hash_object() local
1474 free_pkt_object_list(hash_obj_t *hash_obj) in free_pkt_object_list()
2752 hash_obj_t *hash_obj; in fru_close_container() local
H A D_crle.h56 struct hash_obj { struct
57 Half o_flags; /* object identification */
58 Hash_tbl *o_tbl; /* its dev/inode table */
59 char *o_alter; /* any alternate path */
60 Word o_calter; /* and its conf offset */
61 char *o_path; /* the objects real path */
62 Lword o_info; /* information for cache */
H A Dfru_access_impl.h184 typedef struct hash_obj { struct
193 struct hash_obj *next; argument
194 struct hash_obj *prev; argument
H A Draw_access.c71 add_hashobject_to_hashtable(hash_obj_t *hash_obj) in add_hashobject_to_hashtable()
93 hash_obj_t *hash_obj; in create_container_hash_object() local
121 hash_obj_t *hash_obj; in create_section_hash_object() local
150 hash_obj_t *hash_obj; in create_segment_hash_object() local
179 hash_obj_t *hash_obj; in create_packet_hash_object() local
208 hash_obj_t *hash_obj = NULL; in get_container_hash_object() local
261 free_pkt_object_list(hash_obj_t *hash_obj) in free_pkt_object_list()
1160 hash_obj_t *hash_obj; in fru_close_container() local
H A Dptree_impl.h92 #define hash_obj u.data macro