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H A Dbase_conversion.h65 int exponent; member
78 unsigned exponent:8; member
84 unsigned exponent:11; member
89 unsigned exponent:15; member
96 unsigned exponent:15; member
126 unsigned exponent:8; member
132 unsigned exponent:11; member
138 unsigned exponent:15; member
144 unsigned exponent:15; member
H A Dnan.h60 unsigned exponent :11; member
67 unsigned exponent :11; member
H A Dfloatingpoint.h94 int exponent; member
H A Dieeefp.h214 unsigned short exponent; /* 15 bit exponent and sign bit */ member
H A Dglobals.h69 int exponent; /* Unbiased exponent */ member
H A Dfpu_simulator.h132 uint32_t exponent : 8; member
139 uint32_t exponent : 11; member
146 uint32_t exponent : 15; member
H A Dcis_handlers.c1098 uint32_t exponent, mantisa, val, digits = 0; local
1178 int exponent, mantisa; local
H A Dcis.c841 unsigned exponent = 0, mantissa = 0; in cis_convert_devspeed() local
H A Dfilehdr.c1232 int exponent; in convert_from_ieee_extended() local
1279 int exponent; in convert_to_ieee_extended() local
H A Dres_debug.c784 int mantissa, exponent; local
801 int exponent; in precsize_aton() local
H A Dfloat.c270 ficlInteger exponent = 0; in ficlVmParseFloatNumber() local
H A Ddisplay_sun4v.c1135 int32_t exponent; in sun4v_env_print_sensor_callback() local
H A Dcis_handlers.h98 uint32_t *exponent; member
624 uint32_t *exponent; member