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H A Dns_name.c96 char *dn, *eom; in ns_name_ntop() local
215 u_char *label, *bp, *eom; in ns_name_pton2() local
353 u_char *dn, *eom; in ns_name_ntol() local
400 ns_name_unpack(const u_char *msg, const u_char *eom, const u_char *src, in ns_name_unpack()
415 ns_name_unpack2(const u_char *msg, const u_char *eom, const u_char *src, in ns_name_unpack2()
611 ns_name_uncompress(const u_char *msg, const u_char *eom, const u_char *src, in ns_name_uncompress()
674 ns_name_skip(const u_char **ptrptr, const u_char *eom) in ns_name_skip()
974 decode_bitstring(const unsigned char **cpp, char *dn, const char *eom) in decode_bitstring()
1023 unsigned char ** dst, unsigned const char *eom) in encode_bitsring()
H A Dns_verify.c53 ns_find_tsig(u_char *msg, u_char *eom) { in ns_find_tsig()
135 u_char *cp = msg, *eom; in ns_verify() local
341 u_char *cp, *eom, *cp2; in ns_verify_tcp() local
H A Dns_parse.c74 ns_skiprr(const u_char *ptr, const u_char *eom, ns_sect section, int count) { in ns_skiprr()
99 const u_char *eom = msg + msglen; in ns_initparse() local
H A Dns_rdata.c83 ns_rdata_unpack(const u_char *msg, const u_char *eom, in ns_rdata_unpack()
H A Dres_comp.c64 u_char *eom; local
217 dn_skipname(comp_dn, eom) in dn_skipname() argument
H A Dres_gethost.c91 u_char *eom; local
H A Dres_comp.c106 dn_expand(const u_char *msg, const u_char *eom, const u_char *src, in dn_expand()
136 dn_skipname(const u_char *ptr, const u_char *eom) { in dn_skipname()
H A Dres_send.c228 const u_char *buf, const u_char *eom) in res_nameinquery()
H A Dsrv_query.c76 uchar_t *ptr, *eom; in srv_getdom() local
260 uchar_t *ptr, *eom; in srv_parse() local
H A Dgetdxbyname.c122 unsigned char *eom, *p; in decode_answer() local
H A Dmapid.c269 resolv_skip_rr(uchar_t *p, uchar_t *eom) in resolv_skip_rr()
384 uchar_t *eom; in resolv_decode() local
H A Ddomain.c214 register unsigned char *eom, *cp; local
792 register unsigned char *eom, *ap; local
H A Ddns_nw.c300 u_char *cp, *eom; in get1101answer() local
445 u_char *ansbuf, *cp, *eom; in get1101mask() local
H A Dhesiod.c348 u_char *cp, *erdata, *eom; in get_txt_records() local
H A Ddns_ho.c684 const u_char *eom; in gethostans() local
H A Ddns_common.c416 uchar_t *eom; /* end of message */ in _nss_dns_gethost_withttl() local
H A Dvolcopy.c963 int eom = 0, xfer_cnt = Fs * BLKSIZ; in parent_copy() local
H A Ddumptape.c1100 static struct mtop eom = { MTEOM, 1 }; in just_rewind() local