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H A Dnfs_sec.c360 nfs_get_qop_name(seconfig_t *entryp) in nfs_get_qop_name()
706 rpc_gss_service_t service, seconfig_t *entryp) in get_seconfig()
758 nfs_getseconfig_byname(char *secmode_name, seconfig_t *entryp) in nfs_getseconfig_byname()
774 nfs_getseconfig_bynumber(int nfs_secnum, seconfig_t *entryp) in nfs_getseconfig_bynumber()
H A Ddb_table_c.x53 typedef long entryp; /* specifies location of an entry within table */ typedef
H A Drusers.c243 struct entry *entryp, *lim; in collectnames() local
369 struct entry *entryp, *lim; in collectnames_3() local
H A Drup.c302 register struct entry *entryp, *lim; local
H A Dkctl_isadep.c74 uint32_t *entryp = tl ? &kmdb_trap_tl1 : &kmdb_trap; in kctl_ktrap_install() local
H A Dsmbios.c183 smbios_test_table_snapshot(smbios_test_table_t *table, smbios_entry_t **entryp, in smbios_test_table_snapshot()
H A Dlock_deadlock.c202 u_int32_t *bitmap, count, *entryp, i, id, nentries, *tmpmap; local
H A Dsetfacl.c404 convert_to_aclent_t(char *entryp, int *cntp, aclent_t **aclpp, int mode) in convert_to_aclent_t()
H A Dfmd_asru.c1385 fmd_asru_set_on_proxy_t *entryp = (fmd_asru_set_on_proxy_t *)arg; in fmd_asru_set_on_proxy() local
1431 fmd_asru_update_status_t *entryp = (fmd_asru_update_status_t *)arg; in fmd_asru_update_status() local
1494 fmd_asru_close_status_t *entryp = (fmd_asru_close_status_t *)arg; in fmd_asru_close_status() local
H A Dfmd_case.c315 fmd_case_lst_t *entryp = (fmd_case_lst_t *)arg; in fmd_case_set_lst() local
H A Ddhcp_symbol.c368 dsym_cat_t *entryp = NULL; in dsym_get_cat_by_name() local
H A Dvmm.c3859 struct vdi_field_entry_v1 *entryp = req->vdr_data; in vmm_data_read_msrs() local
3914 const struct vdi_field_entry_v1 *entryp = req->vdr_data; in vmm_data_write_msrs() local
4039 struct vdi_field_entry_v1 *entryp = req->vdr_data; in vmm_data_read_vmm_arch() local
4080 const struct vdi_field_entry_v1 *entryp = req->vdr_data; in vmm_data_write_vmm_arch() local
4129 struct vdi_version_entry_v1 *entryp = req->vdr_data; in vmm_data_read_versions() local
H A Dfilesys_rcm.c820 free_entry(hashentry_t **entryp) in free_entry()
H A Dkt_file.c1451 krb5_ktfileint_read_entry(krb5_context context, krb5_keytab id, krb5_keytab_entry *entryp) in krb5_ktfileint_read_entry()
H A Ddf.c785 struct extmnttab *entryp; in path_mount_entry() local
H A Dbootadm.c9347 set_archive_line(entry_t *entryp, line_t *kernelp)
9423 entry_t *entryp; local
H A Ddevfsadm.c6160 devlinktab_list_t *entryp; in read_devlinktab_file() local