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H A Ddyn_append.c22 int DynAppend(obj, els, num) in DynAppend() argument
H A Ddyn_insert.c24 DynPtr els = (DynPtr) els_in; local
H A Ddiscovery.c803 fct_els_t *els = (fct_els_t *)cmd->cmd_specific; in fct_handle_els() local
1220 fct_els_t *els = (fct_els_t *)cmd->cmd_specific; in fct_send_accrjt() local
1386 fct_els_t *els = (fct_els_t *) in fct_process_plogi() local
1564 fct_els_t *els = (fct_els_t *) in fct_process_prli() local
1906 fct_els_t *els = (fct_els_t *) in fct_process_rcvd_adisc() local
2008 fct_els_t *els; in fct_process_els() local
2168 fct_els_t *els = ICMD_TO_ELS(icmd); in fct_handle_sol_els_completion() local
2672 fct_els_t *els = ICMD_TO_ELS(icmd); in fct_rls_cb() local
H A Dfct.c1089 fct_els_t *els = (fct_els_t *) in fct_free() local
2309 fct_els_t *els = NULL; in fct_create_solels() local
3400 fct_els_t *els = cmd->cmd_specific; in fct_cmd_terminator() local
H A Dhunt_nic.c48 ef10_link_state_t els; in hunt_board_cfg() local
H A Def10_mac.c43 ef10_link_state_t els; in ef10_mac_poll() local
69 ef10_link_state_t els; in ef10_mac_up() local
H A Dmedford_nic.c103 ef10_link_state_t els; in medford_board_cfg() local
H A Demlxs_diag.c141 ELS_PKT *els; in emlxs_diag_echo_run() local
H A Demlxs_els.c95 ELS_PKT *els; in emlxs_els_handle_event() local
2547 ELS_PKT *els; in emlxs_els_reply() local
3415 ELS_PKT *els; in emlxs_ub_send_login_acc() local
3473 ELS_PKT *els; in emlxs_send_logo() local
H A Demlxs_fct.c1815 ELS_PKT *els; local
2044 fct_els_t *els; local
3167 fct_els_t *els; local
H A Demlxs_dfc.c3171 ELS_PKT *els; in emlxs_dfc_destroy_vport() local
3510 ELS_PKT *els; in emlxs_dfc_npiv_test() local
H A Demlxs_solaris.c3077 ELS_PKT *els; in emlxs_ub_els_reject() local
9439 fct_els_t *els = in emlxs_send_els_rsp() local
H A Demlxs_fcf.c13155 ELS_PKT *els; in emlxs_vpi_logo_action() local
H A Dfcoet_eth.c670 fct_els_t *els = NULL; in fcoet_process_sol_els_rsp() local
1132 fct_els_t *els = CMD2ELS(xch->xch_cmd); in fcoet_process_sol_flogi_rsp() local
H A Dfcoet_fc.c405 fct_els_t *els; in fcoet_send_sol_flogi() local
H A Dqlt.c162 #define SETELSBIT(bmp, els) (bmp)[((els) >> 3) & 0x1F] = \ argument
3259 fct_els_t *els; in qlt_handle_purex() local
3756 fct_els_t *els = (fct_els_t *)cmd->cmd_specific; in qlt_send_els_response() local
4276 fct_els_t *els; in qlt_handle_sol_els_completion() local
4744 fct_els_t *els; in qlt_abort_purex() local
4843 fct_els_t *els; in qlt_send_els() local
H A Dbitset.c71 bitset_resize(bitset_t *b, uint_t els) in bitset_resize()
H A Dfcoei.c412 la_els_logi_t *els = &ss->ss_els_logi; in fcoei_attach_init() local
H A Dql_api.c2701 ls_code_t els; in ql_els_send() local
5689 fc_linit_req_t els; in ql_els_linit() local
5784 ql_lpc_t els; in ql_els_lpc() local
5877 fc_lsts_req_t els; in ql_els_lsts() local
5965 fc_scr_req_t els; in ql_els_scr() local
17369 ls_code_t els; in ql_fca_isp_els_request() local
17476 ls_code_t els; in ql_isp_els_handle_cmd_endian() local
17501 ls_code_t els; in ql_isp_els_handle_rsp_endian() local
H A Dql_init.c95 la_els_logi_t *els = &ha->loginparams; in ql_initialize_adapter() local
H A Dsocal.c3999 els_payload_t *els = (els_payload_t *)payload; in socal_us_els() local
H A Dnetstat.c5149 size_t els = iptr->length / esize; in gather_attrs() local
5231 size_t els = iptr->length / esize; in gather_info() local
H A Dsf.c6637 els_payload_t *els = (els_payload_t *)payload; local
H A Dql_api.h2112 uint8_t els; /* the ELS command code */ member