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H A Dutil.h41 char *elements[1]; /* Actually elements[nelem] */ member
H A Dutil.h40 char *elements[1]; /* Actually elements[nelem] */ member
H A Dgssapi.h95 void*elements; member
102 gss_OID elements; member
108 caddr32_t elements; member
H A Dgssapi_ext.h249 gss_buffer_desc *elements; member
H A Dmmapobjsys.c63 uint_t *elements, void *arg) in mmapobjsys()
H A Dsec_clnt.c108 caddr_t elements; in gss_clnt_loadinfo() local
722 caddr_t elements; in sec_clnt_revoke() local
H A Dparse.c75 uint_t elements[MAX_ELEMENTS]; in next_field() local
H A DTuple.java92 private java.util.List <ValueRecord> elements; field in Tuple
H A Dsunpci.c683 pci_cap_save_desc_t *cap_descp, uint32_t elements)
710 uint32_t elements, i; local
H A DConfiguration.java60 private Map elements; field in Configuration
H A Dclassifier-objects.h167 linked_list elements; /* pointer to element list */ member
183 linked_list elements; /* elements stored at this node */ member
H A Dehci_util.c3100 uint_t elements, index; in ehci_find_bestfit_hs_mask() local
3215 uint_t elements, index; in ehci_find_bestfit_ls_intr_mask() local
H A Dcpu_acpi.c223 ACPI_OBJECT *pkg, *elements; in cpu_acpi_cache_state_dependencies() local
H A Dsmatch_buf_size.c160 static int elements_to_bytes(struct expression *expr, int elements) in elements_to_bytes()
H A Dsparse-llvm.c99 LLVMTypeRef elements; in sym_union_type() local
H A Dcheck_debug.c389 int elements, bytes; in match_buf_size() local
H A Dregcomp.c1180 int elements; in bra() local
H A Dreglib.h366 Celt_t* elements; member
H A Drpcib.c208 uint32_t elements; member
H A De1000g_sw.h535 uint32_t elements; member
H A Dql_api.c15249 uint_t elements; in ql_restore_config_regs() local