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H A Dvmcb.c90 uint32_t dirty = VMCB_CACHE_NONE; in vmcb_regptr() local
157 uint32_t dirty = 0; in vmcb_msr_ptr() local
H A Dsvm_softc.h52 uint32_t dirty; /* state cache bits that must be cleared */ member
H A Dsvm.c2152 uint32_t dirty; in svm_setreg() local
2372 uint32_t dirty = 0; in svm_set_msr() local
H A Daudio_4231_apcdma.c207 uint32_t dirty; in apc_start_engine() local
347 uint32_t dirty; in apc_reload() local
H A Dns_ttl.c93 int ch, digits, dirty; in ns_parse_ttl() local
H A Dinet_net_pton.c65 int n, ch, tmp = 0, dirty, bits; in inet_net_pton_ipv4() local
H A Ddmu_tx.c782 dmu_tx_delay(dmu_tx_t *tx, uint64_t dirty) in dmu_tx_delay()
1053 uint64_t dirty = dp->dp_dirty_total; in dmu_tx_wait() local
H A Dvdev_queue.c435 uint64_t dirty = spa->spa_dsl_pool->dp_dirty_total; in vdev_queue_max_async_writes() local
H A Ddnode.c2077 boolean_t dirty; in dnode_free_range() local
2121 boolean_t dirty; in dnode_free_range() local
H A Dvdev.c2396 boolean_t dirty = B_FALSE; in vdev_dtl_contains() local
H A Detm_ckpt.c420 boolean_t dirty = B_FALSE; /* dirty flag */ in etm_ckpt_recover() local
H A Dhash_page.c235 __ham_item_done(dbc, dirty) in __ham_item_done() argument
1815 __ham_next_cpage(dbc, pgno, dirty, flags) in __ham_next_cpage() argument
H A Dfilters.c480 int dirty = -1; /* set dirty to not found */ in filter_name2id() local
535 int dirty = -1; /* set dirty to not found */ in class_name2id() local
H A Dsmf_response.c274 int dirty = 0; in swrp_smf_cache_mark() local
H A Dvm_pvn.c245 page_t *dirty; in pvn_write_kluster() local
H A D_elfedit.h158 int dirty; /* TRUE if outfile needs to be saved */ member
H A Dtoken.h59 int dirty, next_stream, once; member
H A Dfsck.h105 #define dirty(bp) (bp)->b_dirty = isdirty = 1 macro
H A Dgc_frm_kdc.c52 int dirty[NCC_TGTS]; member
H A Dvr.c1614 uint32_t stat0, stat1, freed, dirty; in vr_tx_reclaim() local
H A Dutilities.c2319 dirty(struct bufarea *bp) in dirty() function
H A Dpager.c119 u8 dirty; /* TRUE if we need to write back changes */ member
H A Dqueue.c8480 bool dirty = false; local
H A Dsunddi.c5962 struct i_ddi_soft_state *dirty; in ddi_soft_state_zalloc() local
6107 i_ddi_soft_state *ss, *dirty; in ddi_soft_state_fini() local
H A Ddtrace.c1625 dtrace_dynvar_t *dirty; in dtrace_dynvar_clean() local