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H A Dfdopendir.c90 dirfd(DIR *dirp) in dirfd() function
H A Drunat.c56 int dirfd; in main() local
H A Dvarpd.c189 varpd_daemonize(int dirfd) in varpd_daemonize()
382 int err, c, dirfd, dfd, i; in main() local
H A Dlibvarpd_persist.c141 libvarpd_persist_nvlist(int dirfd, uint64_t id, nvlist_t *nvl) in libvarpd_persist_nvlist()
476 int dirfd; in libvarpd_persist_restore() local
H A Ddir.h135 #define dirfd(dirp) ((dirp)->dd_fd) macro
H A Dcpcgen.c1197 cpcgen_remove_tmpfile(int dirfd, const char *path) in cpcgen_remove_tmpfile()
1209 cpcgen_common_intel_files(int dirfd) in cpcgen_common_intel_files()
1617 cpcgen_common_amd_files(int dirfd) in cpcgen_common_amd_files()
1816 cpcgen_gen(int dirfd) in cpcgen_gen()
H A Dos.h115 int dirfd; /* File descriptor for the directory */ member
H A Drm.c241 opendirat(int dirfd, const char *entry, struct dlist *frm) in opendirat()
H A Dlog.c579 int dirfd, logfd; in log_init() local
H A Dcpio.c1722 creat_lnk(int dirfd, char *name1_p, char *name2_p) in creat_lnk()
1821 creat_spec(int dirfd) in creat_spec()
3931 int dirfd; in retry_open_attr() local
5505 openout(int dirfd) in openout()
6088 rstfiles(int over, int dirfd) in rstfiles()
6746 set_tym(int dirfd, char *nam_p, time_t atime, time_t mtime) in set_tym()
9290 int dirfd; in preview_attrs() local
9716 unlinkat(int dirfd, char *path, int flag) in unlinkat()
H A Dw.c162 int dirfd; in main() local
H A Dtar.c1841 int dirfd = -1; in putfile() local
2939 int dirfd = -1; in doxtract() local
4521 resugname(int dirfd, /* dir fd file resides in */ in resugname()
6619 setPathTimes(int dirfd, char *path, timestruc_t modTime) in setPathTimes()
7745 getstat(int dirfd, char *longname, char *shortname, char *attrparent) in getstat()
7836 int dirfd; in xattrs_put() local
8417 int dirfd; in retry_open_attr() local
8561 unlinkat(int dirfd, char *path, int flag) in unlinkat()
H A Dwhodo.c196 int procfd, dirfd; in main() local
H A Dsmb_quota.c1130 int newfd, dirfd, afd; in smb_quota_add_ctrldir() local
H A Dfind_elf.c263 process_dir(path_t *p, int dirfd, const struct stat *dirsb, dir_flags_t dflags) in process_dir()
H A Dchmod.c1000 int dirfd; in set_named_attrs() local
H A Dfs.c603 open_fid(int dirfd, const char *path, struct fs_authinfo *ai, bool creating) in open_fid()
3215 getcrtime(struct fs_softc *sc, int dirfd, const char *fname, uint64_t *secp, in getcrtime()
H A Dlibzfs_mount.c215 int dirfd; in dir_is_empty_readdir() local
H A Ddeliver.c950 int dirfd; local