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H A Ddirent.h50 struct dirent { struct
51 __uint32_t d_fileno; /* file number of entry */
52 __uint16_t d_reclen; /* length of this record */
53 __uint8_t d_type; /* file type, see below */
54 __uint8_t d_namlen; /* length of string in d_name */
57 char d_name[MAXNAMLEN + 1]; /* name must be no longer than this */
59 char d_name[255 + 1]; /* name must be no longer than this */
H A Ddirstd.h40 struct dirent struct
57 extern struct dirent* readdir(DIR*); argument
H A Ddirent.h44 typedef struct dirent { struct
53 /* kernel's view of user ILP32 dirent */ argument
H A Dos_dir.c19 # define NAMLEN(dirent) strlen((dirent)->d_name) argument
21 # define dirent direct macro
22 # define NAMLEN(dirent) (dirent)->d_namlen argument
H A Dscandir.c160 int (*select)(const struct dirent *), in scandir()
161 int (*dcomp)(const struct dirent **, const struct dirent **)) in scandir()
H A Ddlopen.c77 # define NAMLEN(dirent) strlen((dirent)->d_name) argument
79 # define dirent direct macro
80 # define NAMLEN(dirent) (dirent)->d_namlen argument
H A Dhotplug.c2126 struct dirent *dirent; in h_post_insert_encl() local
2534 struct dirent *dirent; in h_remove_nodes() local
2600 struct dirent *dirent; in h_remove_ses_nodes() local
2723 struct dirent *dirent; in h_display_logical_nodes() local
2924 struct dirent *dirent; in h_find_new_device_link() local
H A Ddisk_discovery.c219 struct dirent *dirent; in device_get_disk_name_from_dir() local
H A Dproc_fd.c40 struct dirent *dirent; in proc_fdwalk() local
H A Dproc_arg.c430 struct dirent *dirent; in proc_walk() local
H A Dfsck_pcfs.h102 struct pcdir *dirent; member
H A Ddevice.c557 struct dirent *dirent; in scan_for_cd_device() local
H A Dctfs_root.c221 gfs_dirent_t *dirent; in ctfs_mount() local
H A Dinspect.c852 struct dirent *dirent; in inspect_dir() local
H A Dplugins.c284 #define dirent direct macro
H A Dfdops.c233 struct dirent64 *dirent = (struct dirent64 *)bp; in fdreaddir() local
H A Dyp_b_subr.c1453 struct dirent *dirent; in clean_cache() local
H A Dmakewhatis.c106 new_page_info(char *dir, struct dirent *dirent) in new_page_info()
H A Dcap.c521 struct dirent *dirent; in cap_dir() local
H A Drcapd_main.c589 struct dirent *dirent; in proc_walk_all() local
H A Drmf_misc.c1119 struct dirent *dirent; in find_device() local
H A Dprvnops.c5113 prdirent_t dirent; in pr_readdir_piddir() local
5472 prdirent_t dirent; in pr_readdir_lwpiddir() local
5622 dirent64_t *dirent = (dirent64_t *)bp; in pr_readdir_pathdir() local
H A Dnfs_subr.c193 kstat_named_t dirent; /* size of readdir cache */ member
H A Dnfs4_clnt.h201 kstat_named_t dirent; /* size of readdir cache */ member