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H A Dobject.c17 char *common; variable
H A Dobject.c20 char *common; variable
H A Dmkey3.c34 common(char *s) in common() function
H A Dxen-mca.h124 struct mcinfo_common common; member
139 struct mcinfo_common common; member
161 struct mcinfo_common common; member
221 struct mcinfo_common common; member
H A Dcse.c302 struct basic_block *b1, *b2, *common; in try_to_cse() local
H A Dkeyserv_cache.c54 des_block common[3]; member
853 deskeyarray common, in cache_insert_ch()
1205 deskeyarray common, in cache_insert()
H A Dsetkey.c130 struct cachekey3_list *common[NUMHASHBUCKETS]; member
1285 MINT *common; local
1648 MINT *common; local
H A Dgen_dhkeys.c267 MINT *common; in __gen_common_dhkeys_g() local
H A Dib_cm.c648 uint16_t common; in rdsv3_ib_protocol_compatible() local
H A Dixgbe_82599.c1475 union ixgbe_atr_hash_dword common) in ixgbe_atr_compute_sig_hash_82599()
1542 union ixgbe_atr_hash_dword common, in ixgbe_fdir_add_signature_filter_82599()
H A Dinfocmp.c127 static int common = 0; /* produce common listing */ variable
H A Dctstat.c441 print_verbose(ct_stathdl_t hdl, verbout_t *spec, verbout_t *common) in print_verbose()
H A Decore_dev_api.h422 struct ecore_eth_stats_common common; member
H A Dpsvcplugin.c190 struct propinfo common[] = { variable
H A Dpoll.c1589 int common; in pcacheset_resolve() local
H A Dbtree.c925 zfs_btree_core_t *common = (zfs_btree_core_t *)idx.bti_node; in zfs_btree_bulk_finish() local
H A Ddigestmd5.c2334 context_t common; member
3789 context_t common; member
H A Dcommon_hsi.h841 struct common_queue_zone common; member
H A Decore_hsi_iwarp.h696 struct mpa_outgoing_params common; member
H A Discsi_common.h753 struct iscsi_common_hdr common /* Command PDU header */; member
H A Decore_hsi_eth.h1246 struct vport_update_ramrod_data_cmn common /* Common data for all vport update ramrods */; member
H A Dsadb.c5445 mblk_t *asyncmp, *regular, *extended, *common, *prop, *eprop; local
H A Dlm5710.h2488 lm_rx_chain_common_t common; member
2536 lm_rx_chain_common_t common; member
H A D5710_hsi.h7287 struct xstorm_common_context_section common; member
8502 struct hc_sb_data common /* The fast-path status block meta-data, common to all chips */; member
8512 struct hc_sb_data common /* The fast-path status block meta-data, common to all chips */; member
9330 struct xstorm_common_context_section common; member