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H A Denhance.c131 int cntrl = -1; /* The fd of the pseudo-terminal controller device */ in main() local
232 static int pty_open_master(const char *prog, int *cntrl, char *slave_name) in pty_open_master()
417 static int pty_parent(const char *prog, int cntrl) in pty_parent()
472 static int pty_stop_parent(int waserr, int cntrl, GetLine *gl, char *rbuff) in pty_stop_parent()
H A Dv831.c106 struct termios cntrl; in v831_disconnect() local
169 struct termios cntrl; in dialit() local
H A Drsmlib.c1710 rsm_controller_t *cntrl; in rsm_memseg_import_getv() local
2040 rsm_controller_t *cntrl; in rsm_memseg_import_putv() local
2937 rsm_controller_t *cntrl = (rsm_controller_t *)cntrl_handle; in rsm_create_localmemory_handle() local
2982 rsm_controller_t *cntrl = (rsm_controller_t *)cntrl_handle; in rsm_free_localmemory_handle() local
H A Dcntrl.c245 cntrl() in cntrl() function