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H A Dspa_checkpoint.c479 uberblock_t checkpoint = spa->spa_ubsync; in spa_checkpoint_sync() local
H A Dvdev_removal.c649 boolean_t checkpoint = B_FALSE; in free_from_removing_vdev() local
699 boolean_t checkpoint = B_FALSE; in free_mapped_segment_cb() local
H A Dmetaslab.c5211 boolean_t checkpoint) in metaslab_free_concrete()
5250 boolean_t *checkpoint = arg; in metaslab_free_impl_cb() local
5262 boolean_t checkpoint) in metaslab_free_impl()
5482 metaslab_free_dva(spa_t *spa, const dva_t *dva, boolean_t checkpoint) in metaslab_free_dva()
5771 boolean_t checkpoint = B_FALSE; in metaslab_free() local
H A Dspa.c3890 uberblock_t checkpoint; local
3993 uberblock_t checkpoint; local
H A Ddb.cc689 db::checkpoint() in checkpoint() function in db
H A Ddb_dictionary.cc1319 db_dictionary::checkpoint() in checkpoint() function in db_dictionary
H A Dbsd-comp.c97 u_int checkpoint; /* when to next check the ratio */ member
H A Dcompress.c189 static count_long checkpoint = CHECK_GAP; variable
H A Dbsd-comp.c113 uint_t checkpoint; /* when to next check the ratio */ member
H A Ddumptape.c2152 checkpoint(struct bdesc *bp, int cmd) in checkpoint() function
H A Dzdb.c5198 verify_checkpoint_vdev_spacemaps(spa_t *checkpoint, spa_t *current) in verify_checkpoint_vdev_spacemaps()
5282 verify_checkpoint_ms_spacemaps(spa_t *checkpoint, spa_t *current) in verify_checkpoint_ms_spacemaps()
5414 uberblock_t checkpoint; in verify_checkpoint() local
H A Dproto.c389 …char* checkpoint; int constack; struct ppinstk* in; char* addp; char* args; char* addbuf; char* ca… member