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H A Daudio.h44 int channels; member
H A Daudio.c130 int format, channels, rate; in audio_set_params() local
H A DAudioTypeMux.cc74 unsigned int channels; in Convert() local
H A Dfilehdr.c134 audio_rewrite_aiff_filesize(int fd, unsigned int size, unsigned int channels, in audio_rewrite_aiff_filesize()
262 unsigned int channels, unsigned int bytes_per_sample) in audio_rewrite_filesize()
520 short channels; in decode_aiff() local
H A DAudioHdr.h126 unsigned int channels; // # of interleaved channels variable
H A Daudio_hdr.h94 unsigned channels; /* # of interleaved channels */ member
H A Dimc_dump.c199 nvlist_t *channels[IMC_MAX_CHANPERMC]; in imc_dump_mc() local
478 nvlist_t **channels; in imc_restore_mc() local
H A Dwavedata.c70 int channels = 1; in uncompress_wave() local
H A Dlp.tsol_separator.c245 char *channels = NULL; in EmitLabelInfo() local
H A Daudioio.h55 uint_t channels; /* number of interleaved channels */ member
H A Dopl_cfg.c188 hwd_pci_ch_t *channels; in opl_dump_hwd() local
2590 hwd_pci_ch_t *channels; in opl_probe_io() local
H A Dchip_intel.c801 nvlist_t *fmri, **channels; in mc_imc_create_v1() local
H A Dmem_addr.c266 int channels, channels1; in channels_interleave() local
H A Daudiocmihd.c676 int channels; in cmediahd_reset_port() local
H A Demlxs_hba.c1947 uint32_t channels; in emlxs_init_adapter_info() local
H A Demlxs_adapters.h395 uint32_t channels; member
H A Dipw2200_impl.h622 uint8_t channels[IPW2200_SCAN_CHANNELS]; member
633 uint8_t channels[IPW2200_SCAN_CHANNELS]; member
H A Dimc.c1355 nvlist_t *channels[IMC_MAX_CHANPERMC]; in imc_nvl_create_mc() local
H A Daudioemu10k.h361 int channels; member
H A Dipw2100_impl.h474 uint32_t channels; member
H A Dmwl_var.h255 } channels[MWL_HAL_MAXCHAN]; member
H A Dif_iwn.c2314 struct iwn_eeprom_chan channels[IWN_MAX_CHAN_PER_BAND]; in iwn_read_eeprom_channels() local