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H A Ddefs.h117 struct cmd *c_next; member
H A Dcallb.c54 struct callb *c_next; /* next in class or on freelist */ member
H A Dsdp.h109 struct sdp_conn *c_next; member
H A Drpc_rdma.h261 struct clist *c_next; /* Next chunk */ member
349 struct conn *c_next; /* next in list of connections */ member
H A Doplmsu.h243 struct control_table *c_next; member
H A Dfdvar.h270 struct fdctlr *c_next; /* next in a linked list */ member
H A Dmain.c1604 struct callout *c_next; member
H A Drsm_in.h196 struct rsm_cookie *c_next; /* next handle */ member