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H A Dhb_rcid.c104 hb_find_rc_pid(char *platform, uint64_t ba) in hb_find_rc_pid()
H A Dhb_sun4v.c81 find_dnode(busorrc_t *rcs, uint64_t ba) in find_dnode()
174 uint64_t ba) in platform_pciexrc_declare()
H A Dhb_rcid.h41 uint64_t ba; /* bus address */ member
H A Dtm.c25 char *dpoint, *p, *q, *ba; in maknew() local
H A Dbptree.c156 struct bptree_args *ba = arg; in bptree_visit_cb() local
194 struct bptree_args ba; in bptree_iterate() local
H A Dopl_ioboard.c136 char *ba = di_bus_addr(n); in opl_map_boards() local
309 char *ba = di_bus_addr(pnode); in opl_iob_enum() local
H A Dshared.h56 uint64_t ba; /* bus address of buffer */ member
H A Dhb_sun4.c125 char *ba; in busorrc_add() local
H A Dioboard.c227 char *ba; in split_bus_address() local
H A Detm_filter.c67 uint64_t ba; /* bus address */ in etm_pciexrc_walker() local
H A Dfault.c76 uint8_t *ba; in flt_verb1() local
H A Ddumptraverse.c763 bread(diskaddr_t da, uchar_t *ba, size_t cnt) in bread()
H A Dfmd_case.c399 uint8_t *ba; in fmd_case_mkevent() local
2054 uint8_t *ba; in fmd_case_xprt_updated() local
H A Darn_xmit.c365 uint32_t ba[WME_BA_BMP_SIZE >> 5]; in arn_tx_complete_aggr() local
1058 uint32_t ba[WME_BA_BMP_SIZE >> 5]; in arn_tx_num_badfrms() local
H A Dacquire_iodevs.c199 ix_insert_here(struct iodev_snapshot *pos, struct iodev_snapshot *elem, int ba) in ix_insert_here()
H A Dif_iwn.c2756 struct iwn_compressed_ba *ba = (struct iwn_compressed_ba *)(desc + 1); in iwn_rx_compressed_ba() local
6158 struct ieee80211_rx_ba *ba = &ni->in_rx_ba[tid]; in iwn_ampdu_rx_start() local
6204 struct ieee80211_tx_ba *ba = &ni->in_tx_ba[tid]; in iwn_ampdu_tx_start() local
6233 struct ieee80211_tx_ba *ba = &ni->in_tx_ba[tid]; in iwn_ampdu_tx_stop() local
H A Dadapter.h194 uint64_t ba; /* bus address of descriptor ring */ member
246 uint64_t ba; /* bus address of descriptor ring */ member
279 uint64_t ba; /* bus address of descriptor ring */ member
H A Dt4_sge.c2625 add_seg(struct txinfo *txinfo, uint64_t ba, uint32_t len) in add_seg()
H A Dfcpci.c1193 struct pci_ops_bus_args *ba = rp->bus_args; in pfc_probe_space() local
H A Dfaulty.c819 uint8_t *ba; in add_fault_record_to_catalog() local