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H A Drelocate.c59 Xword ent, cnt, _cnt; in count_reloc() local
429 Xword ent, cnt, _cnt; local
H A Dfile64.h86 ssize_t _cnt; /* number of available characters in buffer */ member
H A Dversion.c852 Half _cnt; in ld_vers_need_process() local
H A Dupdate.c2855 Half _cnt; in update_overneed() local
2995 Word _cnt, cnt = shdr->sh_size / shdr->sh_entsize; in update_osyminfo() local
H A Dsyms.c206 ulong_t cnt, _cnt; in ld_sym_nodirect() local
H A Dkobj.h138 int _cnt; member
H A Decore_sp_verbs.c159 #define ECORE_SET_WAIT_COUNT(_cnt) argument
160 #define ECORE_SET_WAIT_DELAY_US(_cnt, _delay_us) argument
202 #define ECORE_SET_WAIT_DELAY_US(_cnt, _delay_us) \ argument
213 #define ECORE_SET_WAIT_COUNT(_cnt) \ argument
H A Delfdump.c4090 Word _ndx, _cnt; in hash() local
4153 Word _cnt; in hash() local