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H A Deval.h42 STRING, /* usually pointer from stable() */ enumerator
H A Ddump-macros-only.c11 #define STRING(x) #x macro
H A Ddump-macros.c10 #define STRING(x) #x macro
H A Dkobj_lex.h71 STRING, enumerator
H A Dkbd.h413 #define STRING SPECIAL(0x5, 0) /* thru 0x50F. The low-order 4 bits index */ macro
H A Dcompiler.h134 #define STRING 2 /* String-valued capability */ macro
H A Dcfga_conf.h93 STRING, /* c */ enumerator
H A Dconstants.h123 #define STRING 6 macro
H A Ddefs.h56 #define STRING 9 macro
H A Dparse.y178 carg ::= DEFAULT STRING(X). {sqliteAddDefaultValue(pParse,&X,0);} in STRING() function
H A Dtip.h92 #define STRING 01 /* string valued */ macro
H A DJDTrace.java69 STRING, enumConstant
H A Dcfga_configfile.c86 STRING, enumerator
H A Dawk.h92 typedef wchar_t *STRING; typedef
H A Dex.h144 #define STRING 2 /* SHELL or DIRECTORY */ macro